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Former manager of the University sports center corroborates Cindy Novoa’s complaint

Former manager of the University sports center corroborates Cindy Novoa’s complaint

Former manager of the University sports center corroborates Cindy Novoa’s complaint

After the complaint that Cindy Novoa He posted on his Twitter account about the case of a “perverted trainer” in Sports UniversityEl Comercio Total Sport was able to chat with Orlando Obando, former manager of the cream box sports center. He confirmed that he did know everything about this issue and that the person involved is Juan Pablo Durand, former coach of the women’s team.

Much less because he did not want the cream club. The footballer commented that “professional ethics was not negotiable”

“In 2019 I gave up everything because I was clear saying that professional ethics was not negotiable. At that moment we had a perverted junior coach. From my side I seek equality in my sport, they imagine being in my position. There I leave the information, investigate “, published the athlete.

In Sports Total we have followed the case since its publication. That is why we contacted Also, he witnessed what happened in the intern of the cream team.

As sources from the merengue team explained to Sports Total, the complaint was dealt with only within the club to prevent the footballers involved as complainants from being affected by the media exposure.

So was the case

Orlando Obando pointed out to this newspaper.

Juan Pablo Durand, in 2019, he was the coach of the women’s team of academic. When you enter the administration of Raúl Leguía with Jean Ferrari as the manager of the sports area, they had to see this case.

University: Orlando Obando was in charge of the sports center in the cream store.

Despite this, it continued until the end of 2019.

“Durán had a contract for one more year and Jean Ferrari removed him from the first team at the end of the year and the following year we put the teacher Paolo Maldonado. Juan Pablo Durand returns with the administration of Sonia AlvaObando said.

This decision surprised Obando who, as the manager of the area, did not consider the technician. What’s more, he had proposed another candidate. .

Universitario was champion of women's soccer in 2019.

“He was already out, but they reinstated him in November 2020. Practically they imposed it on me. I did not have it in my plans for the 2021 Copa Libertadores Femenina. I proposed a new technical command or that Paolo Maldonado stay, which was the one we had before the pandemic began “added Obando.

Faced with this possible pronouncement or eventual displays of support for the accused, Obando assured the following.

“Juan Pablo Durand can have the support of all of Peru. But that does not mean that what he did was not bad. He acknowledged his mistake and even when I sat him in front of Jean Ferrari he did too “, Obando sentenced.


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