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Heartfelt tribute: deceased Chilean club player was fired on a pitch | VIDEO


Lima, January 3, 2022Updated on 01/03/2022 10:58 pm

Soccer generates many passions in Chile and sports fans do not hide their excitement, no matter what category a club is in. A sample of what is lived in the aforementioned country was given in the city of Paine, during the farewell to Jaime Escandar, who died at the beginning of this 2022.

The departure of the goalscorer from Club Parición de Paine generated much regret in the family and the fans, which is why they decided to make an emotional farewell. After a series of agreements, the people close to the forward chose to pay him a heartfelt tribute on a field, where his talent showed so many times.

Precisely, a video was viralized through social networks, in which it is shown how they executed the sensitive goodbye. As observed in the images, a large number of fans came to the surroundings of the small stadium in Paine, identified with the institution’s shirt.

Almost simultaneously, Jaime Escandar’s coffin was placed in the small area of ​​one of the arches, while family and friends surrounded it. Immediately, one of those present approached to execute the plan devised for the tribute: he kicked the ball and made it bounce against the coffin, so that it later enters the goal.

The ball surpassed the goal line and applause was unleashed to dismiss the remembered scorer, popularly known as ‘Negro Manfla’. Some of Escandar’s relatives could not hold back their tears, probably when they remembered the times they saw him inflate the nets.




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