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Capello recommends punishment against players who do not get vaccinated: “They should see their salary reduced”


Fabio Capello, coach who led the England and Russia teams, has expressed his stance against footballers who refuse to receive the coronavirus vaccine. For the Italian professional, the fact of being an athlete should not be a sufficient argument to reject the drug.

In that sense, the former Real Madrid qualified as “An act of selfishness” not accepting the medicine, amid the increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide. So, Capello has proposed applying a salary reduction for those members of the clubs who definitely do not want to be inoculated.

Not getting vaccinated is an act of selfishness and if the police are obliged to do it, I don’t see why footballers should be excludedCapello said in an interview published by the prestigious Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. Who does not receive the vaccine causes harm to society and should see their salary reduced, he sentenced.

In any case, the 75-year-old coach’s suggestion shouldn’t have so many handicapped in Italy. In Serie A, from January 10, it is mandatory that each player has a COVID passport to be in official competitions. Furthermore, the tournament made modifications in the protocols to face the second part of the course.

For now, Calcio has reported that 98% of footballers are already vaccinated against the coronavirus. Likewise, considering the new regulations that will apply, the return to activity must proceed without major problems. That is to say, avoid what happened in the Premier League with the postponement of games.

In England, unlike in the transalpine territory, the organization of the contest published on December 20 that only 77% of footballers have completed the required doses. While 7% only received one vaccine. Undoubtedly, this situation alarmed the main characters of the British championship.

To mention an example, Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, explained: “If a player is not fully vaccinated, he is a constant threat to everyone. He doesn’t want to be a threat, of course, not that he thinks, ‘My God, I don’t care’, but he is and we have to find different scenarios “said the German, who last week was infected with COVID-19.




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