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Jean Ferrari and the cancellation of the Cream Night: “We are not in a position to lose that income, but the right thing to do is return the money”

The ball has not yet started to roll, but the third wave of the pandemic is already deflating some plans. After several cases of contagions announced, in several clubs, Sports University reported that he postponed the Night Cream that was scheduled for this Saturday.

Ten positive cases within the squad – six of them players – made the creams paralyze their activities and with it the match against Millionaires at the weekend.

“Health is above all,” said Jean Ferrari, administrator of the cream team, who clarified that the Cream Night could be held on a new date, as long as government measures allow it and before the start of League 1 “What we are doing is postponing the Cream Night and this will depend on the health issue of our footballers, our workers and the restrictions that the Government has given,” the leader tells us.

“The idea is that we can do the Cream Night before the start of the tournament, depending on whether our soccer balls and workers in their entirety are doing well,” he emphasizes. As is known, League 1 held the start of the contest until February 3, so the creams have room for their players to recover and plan their presentation.

University had already sold all tickets with millionaire income. Despite this, the administration had to make the decision to postpone it to safeguard the health of its workers and hope that in the near future it will be possible to play with the public in the stands.

“The approach that we have offered is, in the first place, the return of the money. Secondly, that they exchange it for the upcoming Crema Night or the matches of the Libertadores or League 1 and as a third option is that they exchange it for club products, call it an adherent member, pay the monthly membership fee or buy token, whatever product that we have at our disposal ”, he tells us. They are the options that fans have to be able to recover their investment.

This return of money does not help Ate’s club, which, as we know, needs the resources to shovel the various debts it has. “The club is not [en condiciones de perderse esos ingresos], but we are transparent and correct people and the primary and correct action is to return to people what they have spent for an event for an event that is not going to take place on the corresponding date, for a purely health issue ”, said Ferrari.

The club gives its fans the possibility to request a refund of the money or exchange it for tickets for future matches, either for the previous phase of the Libertadores or thus access marketing products.

The coronavirus again puts football against its goal and it is expected that what is decided will help fight the pandemic.


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