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Alberto Quintero follows in the footsteps of Míguez: the next foreigners to be nationalized in League 1


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Fate put Peru in his ways. There are many foreign footballers, especially from Latin America, who have made a place for themselves in the local league. Some of them see it as a simple adventure; others try to consolidate as is the case of Pablo Míguez, who after a great career in national football managed to nationalize. Alberto quintero, a University reference, follow the steps and soon you will also have your Peruvian ID. And so the list continues to grow.

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It was recently confirmed that Míguez He completed his nationalization procedures and will no longer occupy a foreigner position at Alianza Lima. Relief comes to the Blue and White club, which needed that positive news to calmly start the 2022 season, with the other five foreign players in its squad.

Alberto quintero is also awaiting this news. The Panamanian attacker began the nationalization process in early November 2021 and is still finalizing details.

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The truth is that the ‘U’ hope to register Quintero as a Peruvian this season. Thus, they will have a free quota (there are four Uruguayans on the squad: Federico Alonso, Luis Urruti, Hernán Novick and Ángel Cayetano) that they can use to sign. They have until March to do so.

Foreign University Players Nationality
Alberto quintero Panama
Federico Alonso Uruguay
Luis Urruti Uruguay
Hernán Novick Uruguay
Angel Cayetano Uruguay

How could Quintero’s nationalization help the ‘U’?

University would not have many problems in case Alberto Quintero does not get his nationalization in time. But nevertheless, .

Although it is true, the economic situation of the ‘U’ is not the best and, therefore, it was decided to hire only three footballers for 2022. However, this Monday the merengue institution made the largest sponsorship in its history, by signing a contract with the company Free Games SAC. .

In that sense, yes academic manages to free a quota with the nationalization of Quintero, he will have the opportunity to sign a new footballer of another nationality -with greater tranquility- in the face of the challenges that lie ahead. The good economic news has your back.

If Quintero happens, there is the possibility of one more place and we would be looking at an additional forward. If not, there is the issue with some variant that may arise along the way, but there is still nothing defined as Gregorio (Pérez) said in due course “, explained the administrator Jean Ferrari in a recent interview with ‘Justice for U – TV’.

The low scoring productivity of the ‘U’ in 2021, especially when Gregorio Pérez still did not return to technical direction, is a problem that he does not want to go through again. In addition to the local league, there is a Copa Libertadores to play, so a reinforcement in the attack line would come in handy.

Next to nationalize

In addition to ‘Chiquitín’, another player in League 1 who began his procedures to get the Peruvian DNI is Pablo Lavandeira. .

Now, in Peru there is a long list of foreign footballers who became Peruvian nationals, either to free up a foreign quota in their club or to have the option of being called up by the national team. And, generally, these players aspire to two modalities: by naturalization and by marriage.

Law number 26574, on Nationality, determines in the third article that “They are Peruvians by naturalization:

1. Foreign persons who express their will to be foreign and who meet the following requirements:

a) Legally reside in the territory of the Republic for at least two consecutive years.

b) Regularly exercise profession, art, trade or business activity.

c) Lack of criminal records, have good conduct and moral solvency ”.

Likewise, article four of the aforementioned Nationality Law stipulates that “The foreign person united in marriage with a Peruvian or Peruvian and resident, in this condition, in the territory of the Republic for at least two years, who expresses his will to be so before the competent authority. The naturalized spouse by marriage does not lose Peruvian nationality in the event of divorce or death of the spouse “.

Pablo Lavandeira is processing his Peruvian nationalization |  Photo: Alianza Lima

Taking into account these main requirements, there are several local footballers who can already start the nationalization procedures. .

Then there are also the cases of Carlos Neumann (Paraguayan) and Ernest Nungaray (Mexican), who have been playing in Peru for five and a half and three and a half years in a row, respectively. For now, neither player has a local league team, but they can find one before March.

There is also the case of Edy Renteria (Colombian), who has been playing in Peru for seven years; in addition to Jhonny Mena (Colombian), Dahwling Leudo (Colombian) and Franco Zanelatto (Paraguayan) with three years each in the local league. And then the current list continues to be extended with other footballers who play in national clubs for at least two consecutive years (requirement).

Foreign players Age Club Years in a row in Peru
Edy Renteria (Colombian) 28 years Sport Boys 7 years
Carlos Neumann (Paraguayan) 36 years No team 5 and a half years
Omar Merlo (Argentine – Chilean) 34 years Sporting Cristal 4 years
Ernest Nungaray (Mexican) 29 years No team 3 ½ years
Jimmy Valoyes (Colombian) 35 years Sport Huancayo 3 years
Victor Perlaza (Colombian) 27 years Sport Huancayo 3 years
Jhonny Mena (Colombian) 27 years Carlos Stein 3 years
Dahwling Leudo (Colombian) 32 years Athletic Degree 3 years
Franco Zanelatto (Paraguayan) 21 years Athletic Alliance 3 years
Leandro Sosa (Uruguayan) 27 years Sporting Crisstal 2 years
Arley Rodríguez (Colombian) 28 years Alliance Lima 2 years
Othoniel Arce (Mexican) 32 years Ayacucho FC 2 years
Jairo Vélez (Ecuadorian) 26 years Cesar Vallejo 2 years
Federico Alonso (Uruguayan) 30 years academic 2 years
Luis Urruti (Uruguayan) 29 years academic 2 years
Gaspar Gentile (Argentine) 26 years UTC 2 years
Nicolás Ortíz (Argentine) 26 years UTC 2 years
José Ramírez (Colombian) 34 years Cantolao 2 years
Ignacio Barrios (Uruguayan) 29 years ADT 2 years
Delio Ojeda (Paraguayan) 36 years Athletic Degree 2 years
Abdiel Ayarza (Panamanian) 29 years Cusco FC 2 years
Diego Melián (Uruguayan) 30 years Municipal 2 years
Mauro Guevgeozián (Uruguayan) 35 years Sport Boys 2 years
Charles Monsalvo (Colombian) 31 years Sport Huancayo 2 years



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