SportsUniversity and the millions by sponsorship: this is how...

University and the millions by sponsorship: this is how the cream box will collect the money year after year


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Sports University You have just achieved something that a few years ago was unthinkable. The cream team announced that Free Games SAC, belonging to a major business holding company, will be the main sponsor for the next five years. This in exchange for 10 million dollars.

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This is the largest number he has ever achieved. academic throughout its history regarding sponsorships. Jean Ferrari, current administrator of the cream club, tells how this contract was closed.

“When I applied to Sunat, I had had a rapprochement with this company. That is where the possibility of submitting a proposal is born. I, obviously, without knowing how much was being handled in terms of sponsor in the club. I had it as a great possibility. When I join the club, negotiations begin. It all started in September. In December we closed the agreement ”, says Jean Ferrari.

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The administrator of academic It also makes it clear that it is valuable to highlight to the fan that there are 10 million where the IGV has to be considered. That is why, days ago, it announced that the gross income was a little more than 8 million dollars.

adds Ferrari.

2022 $ 1.5 million
2023 $ 1.6 million
2024 2 million dollars
2025 $ 1.7 million
2026 $ 1.7 million

academic It is a team with many debts. The objective of the current administration is to clean up the cream club. In addition, they seek to make it clear that the U is financially, economically and sportingly viable.

“That money is obviously to meet debt commitments that we have. Current debts mainly because bankruptcy debt today is paralyzed. So, we have to continue making cash to meet all the tax debts that we have. In addition, having our flow to be able to pay from day to day ”, declares Jean Ferrari.

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After the announcement of this economic income, one may think that academic It has a free hand to continue strengthening itself. Let’s remember that the cream team only specified 3 signings (Ángel Cayetano, Joao Villamarín and Alfonso Barco); however, economic stability is above any reinforcement.

“The idea is to continue to stabilize the club financially. We already have an armed campus. There is a possibility in case the nationalization of Quintero comes out to bring a reinforcement from abroad. What we are aiming for is economic stability. That is the priority. If all this works, as we have established, we could have more income and thus we would be perfecting the sporting part and continuing to clean up the club, “said Ferrari.

Sports University Administrator.

Another good news that will be announced soon University is the agreement they have with Caja Huancayo. Practically everything is closed for this brand to continue in the cream store.

“We are negotiating with Caja Huancayo with whom we have practically reached an agreement. These days the terms will be announced because there is a very interesting point that is the support for the minor divisions. So we are about to announce that agreement ”, says the university administrator.

Caja Huancayo would stay at the University.  (FPF)

Before ending this conversation, Jean Ferrari took the time to greet the fan of academic. Above all, thank them for the support and response they have to all the campaigns that the club has been carrying out.

“Without them our programs and all our initiatives would not have happened and would not be successful. To the fan, partner, adherent member, I must thank you for all the support. That they continue to believe and support ”, he concluded.




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