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Cristian Benavente: the former national team who has not played for a year and is of interest to the Blue and White Fund

Cristian Benavente He went from being one of the players most loved by the fans of the peruvian team to be very close to oblivion. It seemed that he was lost on the map; however, the interest of Alliance Lima made his name come back on everyone’s lips.

. There was a lot of hope to see one of the jewels of the Real Madrid quarries in action. His call to the selection was requested from all fronts. He went through the sub-17, sub-20 and reached the largest.

Played with Sergio Markarían in the last stage of the Qualifiers to Brazil 2014. When it was thought that it was going to consolidate with Ricardo Gareca it was the opposite. Cristian Benavente was erased only from the peruvian team.

Instead of growing soccer, his level dropped considerably.

Cristian Benavente came as one of the figures of the Pyramids FC de Egipto. In that club he played very little. He spent more time on loan and was never able to earn a spot. According to the press in that country, an attempt was made to terminate his contract, but no agreement was reached.

Milton Keynes Dons | 2015-165 GAMES | 0 GOALS
Sporting Charleroi | 2016 – 2019102 GAMES | 29 GOALS
Pyramids FC | 201912 GAMES | 3 GOALS
Nantes | 2019 – 202013 GAMES | 0 GOALS
Antwerp | 2020 – 202115 GAMES | 2 GOALS
Sporting Charleroi | 20215 GAMES | 0 GOALS
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-Alliance and a new opportunity-

Cristian Benavente was linked with various teams. One of them was the America of Mexico, but his signing was only a speculation.

However, things are different now. TO Cristian Benavente They have tried to find him a team in Europe and other leagues in the world, but nothing happened.

Since then, he has not had minutes. He is almost a month away from turning a year without playing.

That is the great impediment for him to reach a club with great pretensions.

Cristian Benavente wants to have more activity to return to the Peruvian National Team.  (Photo: Facebook)

This international tournament is what, perhaps, you need Cristian Benavente in order to revalue your career. To gain momentum and reach a bigger league than the Peruvian one. .

The big problem would be the high cost it would have Cristian Benavente.

In Alliance Lima they would be looking at all the ways to sign Cristian Benavente. It would be one of his star reinforcements. There is full confidence that in the blue and white team he can get his best level.

Cristian Benavente will complete a year without playing.



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