SportsJuan Pablo Varillas fell to Elias and was eliminated...

Juan Pablo Varillas fell to Elias and was eliminated in the Australian Open qualy


Lima, January 11, 2022Updated on 01/11/2022 09:35 pm

Juan Pablo Varillas’ performance during the Australian Open qualifying made a pleasant impression, but he was unable to make it through the second knockout round. This Tuesday, the Peruvian tennis player was defeated by the Portuguese Gastão Elias, who managed to win 2-1, in a very tight match from start to finish.

From the first set, it was noticeable that the forces between the athletes were very even, which was reflected in the definition of the first point. In principle, the representative of Portugal assumed control of the shares, steadily taking partial advantage, although he also suffered from the onslaught of his rival.

The scoreboard was 6-6 and everything was defined in the tie-break, which left great emotions. Everything was very even, but Juan Pablo Varillas lived a bad moment in the final stretch: he lost the service when they were 7-7 and Gastão Elias took the opportunity to sentence the confrontation by 9-7: the 7-6 aggregate was consummated and the European tennis player took advantage of the key.

Despite the complicated outlook, the Peruvian athlete did not lower his arms and came out aggressively in the second set. Despite starting at a disadvantage (2-0), he managed to come back in an intelligent way: first he reached 4-4 and then he got the final 6-4. Because of this, the definition had to be extended.

In the third and final round, Juan Pablo Varillas did not show much precision and lost serve twice, partially trailing 3-0. Although the national racket shortened the distance, it was not enough and he fell 6-4. In this way, the tennis player says goodbye in the second qualifying round of the Australian Open, while Gastão Elias will measure forces with Timofey Skatov (Kazakhstan) to enter the main circuit.




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