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Spanish Super Cup: the millionaire reason to celebrate it in Arabia and the controversies surrounding the tournament


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The Spain Supercup will add a new chapter in your history. This Wednesday, January 12, the 38th edition of the Spanish contest will start with a very special classic: the inspired Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid will measure forces against a Barcelona that continues to try to redeem itself with Xavi at the helm. What is no longer so new is that the tournament will once again take place thousands of kilometers away from the Iberian country, a fact that continues without escaping the controversy.

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In recent years, this competition of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) It has undergone quite a significant change. . This inevitably generated some negative comments at the time.

The fact of playing the contest outside the country pleased very few. Still, in 2019 the Spain Supercup it was disputed again in another nation: Saudi Arabia. The argument for this decision – a bit absurd – went through “neutrality” at headquarters, but in reality it goes much further than that.

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as is known, Saudi Arabia is seeking to position itself as a sports capital, especially with soccer, through large monetary investments. It even managed to host two Italian Super Cups in 2018 and 2019. His next goal was to host the Spanish Super Cup and he did it without much trouble.

Undoubtedly, the profit is too tentative, even more so in these times of pandemic, although it does not stop generating considerable displeasure in the Spanish environment. The joy returned in Spain when last year the Super Cup was played again within the country, but this was only due to the various restrictions of COVID-10.

In this 2022 the tournament will return to Saudi Arabia to fulfill the established contract. But that is not all. .

This means that, if the contract is fulfilled until 2029, The Spanish Federation will enter between 240 and 320 million euros, which will be distributed among the participating teams and the country’s grassroots football. While Saudi Arabia will remain in the spotlight of one of the most important competitions in the world of football.

– Mass discontent –

Beyond the millionaire economic profit that Spanish football will receive, there are many footballers, managers, coaches, fans, among others, who are unhappy with the development of the Spanish Super Cup outside the country. The return of headquarters to Saudi Arabia has been the subject of much criticism and these will not stop.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Athletic Club are the four protagonists of this new edition of the Spanish competition. These teams have a following all over the world.

One of the last to pronounce on the matter has been Raul garcia, the most winning player in the current Athletic squad. Without mincing words, the referent from Bilbao took advantage of the last press conference of the contest to express his total disagreement with the tournament venue.

“It doesn’t make sense to me (to compete in Saudi Arabia). It is a championship that is played in our country and going to another country does not have a longer route. It makes no sense to go there to play a game that I think has to be played here “, critical

Football has changed because you no longer think about the fan. We have forgotten the basics. Now sponsorships are worth and generate. We have forgotten to enjoy family and comfortable hours for everyone. From when I started to now, a lot has changed and I feel sorry for it “added.

These statements were applauded by many Spanish soccer fans. What was said by Raúl García only reveals the true feelings of the fans and other football characters regarding the modern Spanish Super Cup.

– Other controversies –

Since it was decided to move the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, the tournament has remained in the eye of the storm. The controversies have not stopped and, therefore, neither have the questions.

Unequal distribution: There is a mess between Valencia and the RFEF that has lasted for two years. The resolution of this has taken a long time due to bureaucratic issues and the COVID-19 pandemic.

It turns out that to start the new format with four teams, the RFEF modified some criteria of the competition with the season already started, which greatly harmed Valencia.

Valencia sued the RFEF for damages in the unequal economic distribution of the 2020 Spanish Super Cup |  Photo: EFE

To this day, the fight continues. The ‘Ches’ must review all these documents and contracts that the Federation signed with Saudi Arabia so that, from there, it develops the final demand.

Be that as it may, the unequal distribution of the prizes among the four participating clubs will continue to be maintained with these established criteria. Real Madrid and Barcelona will always benefit more economically from the tournament, above teams like Atlético de Madrid and even more so from Athletic Club. This, in 2022, continues to be a source of criticism.

Human rights:. From the beginning, taking the contest to the Asian country prompted various questions on this issue.

At that time, the same UEFA recommended not to organize football events in these nations with a lack of rights. “The Executive Committee will recommend to the 55 national associations and all European clubs not to play matches in countries where women have restricted access to stadiums”, indicated the maximum football entity in Europe.

However, the RFEF’s response was to promote equality at all costs. . “Football can be used as a tool for change and transformation of a society, or as a blockade”, argued the Federation.

In this sense, the images of women inside the stadiums of Saudi Arabia they ran all over the world. Although, the happiness did not last long. After the competition, marginalization returned to normal. Little by little, progress is being made on this issue, but it remains insufficient.

Women agreed to the 2020 Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia |  Photo: EFE

In fact, in November 2021, Saudi Arabia launched its own women’s soccer league, but women must play in clothing “appropriate” to the country’s macho culture, without an audience in the stands, without the presence of journalists and television cameras. , and a very small diffusion. Furthermore, socially, many women’s rights are still not respected.

. Along these lines, this human rights organization sent purple bracelets to Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Athletic Club for the captains of each team to wear as a symbol of solidarity.

“The Spanish Football Federation presented it in 2019 as ‘the Equality Super Cup’ but, two years later, we denounced the continuation of serious human rights violations in this country, in particular towards women and LGBTI people”, was the invocation of the Amnesty in a statement.

The change of date and the celebration: Previously, the Spanish Super Cup was played in the European summer, as a pre-launch of LaLiga Santander. Now it takes place in the month of January, in the middle of the season, something that is seen as harmful, although for others it is beneficial.

It happens that, since it is no longer a single match to define the champion, these matches are added to the string of matches that the European calendar already has.

However, the development of the tournament on this new date is beneficial from another point of view. In the same way, this topic is cause for discussion.

Finally, the celebration of the champion club is also affected.


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