SportsLiza, Valera, Concha and the other exportable soccer players...

Liza, Valera, Concha and the other exportable soccer players from the big three who will play the Copa Libertadores


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There are just a few days until the start of League 1 and the participation of the Peruvian teams in the Liberators cup. Alliance Lima, Sporting Cristal Y academic They aim not only to get as far as possible in this international tournament, but also to show their players and thus be able to sell them.

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Sports University it already has its campus closed. Within the universe of players that it has, only some are called to go abroad. That is an outstanding debt that the meringues have.

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One of the objectives of Universitario to generate income is the sale of players. . The two players are the bets that the cream club has.

Alex Valera He has shown all his scoring ability. In addition, he is regularly summoned to the selection. For its part, Nelson Cabanillas he fitted in very well as a left winger. The two have been followed.

Alex Valera (Forward) 25 years
Nelson Cabanillas (Lateral) 21 years
Piero Quispe (Steering Wheel) 20 years
Gerson Barreto (Steering Wheel) 26 years
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Alliance Lima For some years he has had the project of signing young players and then selling them abroad. Thus, Three of the soccer players with the greatest projection in Peru.

However, this season the one with the most chances of going abroad is Jairo Concha. The steering wheel became an important piece in the scheme of Carlos Bustos. Now he hopes to ratify his good moment in the Copa Libertadores.

(Photo: League 1)

Another one that has grown the most is Ricardo Lagos. The almost 26-year-old full-back has shown that he has a lot of potential to play in a more competitive league. In addition, the position where he works is in high demand.

Alianza Lima has more players on its roster who could be traded.

Jairo Concha (Steering Wheel) 23 years
Ricardo Lagos (Side) 25 years
Miguel Cornejo (Steering Wheel) 21 years
Oslimg Mora (Steering wheel) 22 years
Darlin Leiton | Ecuador | (Steering wheel) 20 years
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. Most of his starting team is made up of guys from the quarries. This year it is expected that several of them can be shown even more so that they can be sold abroad.

Percy Liza was named Revelation Player at the ADFP ceremony.  (Photo: Sporting Cristal)

The project of Sporting Cristal it is much bigger. Next to Liza there is also the side Jhilmar Lora who is a regular summoned to the Peruvian team. It was said that he had offers from abroad, but that the celestial wanted to wait a little longer to be able to sell it.

The list goes on. Crystal has a Gianfranco Chávez, Jesús Castillo, Gerald Távara and even Christofer Gonzales himself. They all have a lot of cheating from playing abroad. Everything will depend on what they do in the Copa Libertadores.




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