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Gianluca Lapadula asked to leave Benevento: the inactivity that worries the Peruvian team


Lima, January 12, 2022Updated on 01/12/2022 06:32 pm

Gianluca Lapadula has requested to leave Benevento. This news surprised more than one, just a few days before the matches of the peruvian team by Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The forward was out of the game for Serie B and is likely not to play again until he gets a team.

. The strategist assured that he spoke twice with Gianluca Lapadula. In both conversations, the attacker expressed his desire to leave.

With this decision, the coach left Gianluca Lapadula out of the match between Benevento vs. Monza for Serie B. It is also not known if he will be summoned in the following meetings. The idea is that the team gets used to playing without its scorer.

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  • Gianluca Lapadula does not want to continue in Benevento, confirmed the coach of the Italian club


Without a doubt, this news is a bucket of cold water for the Peruvian team. The most important striker in Ricardo Gareca’s team would reach the games against Colombia and Ecuador without the rhythm of competition.

The forward was left out of the team. That is a concern because it was planned that the attacker arrives in Peru with at least 3 games played.

Things have totally changed. First, Series B was suspended as a result of COVID-19. Then came the news that Gianluca Lapadula wants to change teams. That will give him a very important football break.





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