SportsGregorio Pérez: What is the latest information on the...

Gregorio Pérez: What is the latest information on the state of health of the U coach?


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Lima, January 14, 2022Updated on 01/14/2022 06:04 pm

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The fans of Sports University are very concerned about the health of Gregorio perez. In the last hours, the information circulated that the technician of the cream team suffered from precordial pain. After being transferred to a clinic, he was diagnosed with coronary syndrome. The latest information that is handled is that ‘Goyo’ is recovering calmly.

The good news is that the technician is calm. Confident that everything will be fine. In the next few hours, “Goyo’s” family will arrive in Lima to be with him.

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What is known is that Gregorio Perez was operated on last Thursday. Fortunately everything went well. Now he is only being monitored by doctors while waiting for the second intervention.

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Mayo Clinic describes this disease as “a number of conditions associated with sudden and reduced blood flow to the heart. This is the sudden interruption of blood flow to a certain area of ​​the heart.

As resolved by the medical area of ​​​​Universidad, a coronary syndrome, like any heart problem, must be treated very quickly. That is why Jean Ferrari He reported on his networks that Gregorio perez would be intervened.

Due to the state of health of Gregorio perez, the friendly match I was going to play was cancelled. academic against Sportsboys. In the cream store, they are very attentive to the details of everything that happens with the strategist.

Gregorio Pérez, DT of University.  (Academic)



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