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Unforgettable day: Adelfo Magallanes and the day he won the 1955 championship for Alianza against the ‘U’


On January 15, 1988, Don Adelfo left us forever, one of the best national strikers, idol and victorious coach of Lima Alliance, with whom he championed up to four times.

Cañetano by birth, Alliance member at heart and member of the famous “Rodillo Negro”, Adelfo Magallanes He left us at 77 years of age. Known as “El bolido”, he played in the old inside right position and stood out with the red and white team that participated in the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and in the national team that won the 1939 South American title, played in Lima.

He belonged to the sensational generation of “Lolo” Fernández, José María Lavalle and Alejandro Villanueva, among others; and shined on Lima Alliance, a team in which he debuted in 1931, and which he also managed successfully in two periods (1946-1952 and 1954-1956).

His game was dizzying and he had great ability to control the ball, qualities that identified him throughout his career and in the 22 international matches in which he played, including the scandalous match against Austria at the Berlin Olympics.

He hung up his boots at the beginning of the 1940s and later assumed the technical direction of the Blue and Whites, leading them to the title four times: 1948, 1952, 1954 and 1955. He also managed a brief season in Colombia at Deportivo Cali, but his coaching career He finished it in Peru.

The meeting of two greats of the Peruvian team and Alianza Lima: Adelfo Magallanes and Teófilo Cubillas.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

Again champion in 1956 and on the ‘U’

It was a Sunday: May 28, 1956. Lima Alliance, under the technical guidance of Mr. Adelfo Magallanes, conquered the title of Peruvian professional football champion in 1955 (from the previous year), defeating his lifelong rival 2-1: academic.

Universitario's goalkeeper Dimas Zegarra anticipates the onslaught of the Alliance attacker during the match that defined the champion of the 1955 Peruvian soccer tournament, played before more than 43,000 spectators at the National Stadium in Lima.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)
Scene of the match played on May 28, 1956. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

The game “heated up” as soon as the actions began. Segundo Guevara opened the scoring for the creams 3 minutes into the first half. The ‘intimates’ recovered from the blow and equalized through Máximo Vides Mosquera eight minutes later, after a precise center by Félix Castillo.

In the midfield of the meringues, Alberto Terry and Oswaldo Blanco were the ones who generated the main attacks. However, the merengue defense showed some fragility, according to the note published by El Comercio.

“Playing two minutes in the discount of the first half, Lima Alliance he got the second goal that gave him the victory and the title. Lazón took the ball out and with a precise pass it yielded to Mosquera; he changed the game and delivered Valeriano López, who was on the right side; this one on the run finished off with a strong shot that left Zegarra standing, overcoming the university fence “, says the dean’s note.

In the second half the ‘U’ took the initiative and launched in search of a tie. Guevara and Terry lost opportunities to equalize and the Alliance defense, for its part, grew and maintained the advantage it had gained. At 40 minutes, a goal against Valeriano was annulled for an advanced position. After the final whistle, the celebrations of the Victorians began, more victorious than ever.

“My boys knew how to play in the most successful way. The forward went down to help the defense as I advised after the first stage. The team was performing well and discounting the advantage they took from us, we finished the first half with the score in our favour”declared Magallanes, the ‘intimate’ coach.

The Alliance captain, Cornelio Heredia, receives the trophy for the highest title in Peruvian soccer corresponding to the 1955 championship. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

Then he added: “Everyone acted evenly at the end and the defensive system was the basis of success, especially Delgado.” Surrounded by fans, who jubilantly celebrated the new title, captain Cornelio Heredia received the champion’s cup from Eduardo Astengo, president of the National Sports Committee.

Farewell to Don Adelfo

The news was published in El Comercio on January 16, 1988, at the bottom of its cover, framed in a quadrilateral. There it was announced that the day before it had ceased to exist in our capital Adelfo Magallanes Campos, former member of the national teams and Alianza Lima in the 1930s.

“Magellan, who died at the age of 77, was a member of the delegation that participated in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.”says the dean’s note. The former striker had been admitted to the Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital, within the emergency area, where he died at 11:10 in the morning.

Image from January 3, 1955 of Don Adelfo Magallanes.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

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