SportsUnoxUno: this is how we saw the Peruvian team...

UnoxUno: this is how we saw the Peruvian team in the draw against Panama


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The peruvian national team played his first friendly of this 2022 with a view to the Qualifiers and it was 1-1 against Panama at the National Stadium. Ricardo Gareca made his starting defensive line play to give him a touch facing the duel against Colombia and Ecuador, while in attack he rehearsed with several names.

The tie had two sides, a first half in which Peru managed to control the ball, but in the second half Panama came out a little more determined and in an error of exit of the Bicolor managed to tie the actions. This is how we saw the Peruvians who played this match, with Marcos López as the figure of the match.

Pedro Gallese – 6

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The goalkeeper always responds and He was called on a couple of times and he responded in a great way.

Aldo Corzo – 5

Limited to project, he does not generate many possibilities in attack, since he never looks for spaces on the right wing. His forte: the aerial game.

Christian Ramos – 6

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The leader in defense that, if he has to burst, he does it without problems. He is the one who tries to order the whole team from the bottom of the team.

Alexander Callens – 6

Unlike Ramos, he is the one who tries to come out with the most precise pass to generate an attack. He covers well the spaces left by López in attack.

Marcos Lopez – 7

The best of the team. Very vertical when attacking and does it properly.

Jesus Castillo – 5

He was not the player who usually controls the ball in midfield, as in Cristal. However, he was far from being the axis that the national team needs. It was his debut.

Horace Calcaterra – 7

More with the ball than without it, . He generated the Peruvian goal with a recovery in attack.

Christofer Gonzales – 6

The most demanded by Gareca. He played for Yotún, but he doesn’t have much participation with the ball. When he got a little further ahead, his performance improved.

Andy Polo – 6

They started out very active, but Peru leaned their game a lot on the left side, losing prominence. He works a lot on defense.

Edison Flowers – 5

Far from the outbursts that were known to him, it is difficult for him when the short pass is not played, such as when Cueva and Trauco are.

Alex Valera – 6

. The attacker is the only centre-forward, but he had no more chances to score.

Renzo Garces

He entered as a central midfielder, for Castillo, a position he has known since he was a youth. He debuted with the senior team.

Jairo Concha

The midfielder also made his debut with the senior team, but found no space to generate his game. He had a scoring chance towards the end.

Oslimg Mora

He had no options to attack on the right. His contribution was more in defense.

Luis Iberian

He entered on the end to try to tip the result, but Peru was no longer attacking.

Jhilmar Lora

He entered added time.


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