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Martín Palermo celebrated with wedding guests who dedicated a song to him | VIDEO


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Lima, January 17, 2022Updated on 01/17/2022 08:46 pm

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Soccer in Argentina is very passionate and fans show their love for the sport in any area of ​​their lives, even at a wedding. Precisely, during the month of December, a friend of Martín Palermo celebrated his marriage and, as his passion does not dictate, he did not hesitate to invite the beloved former player.

The ceremony took place in the usual way, but the after party was totally the opposite. As could be seen, those attending the special event were great fans of the former soccer player and did not hesitate to dedicate a special song to him, reminding him of his time as a scorer, especially with the Boca Juniors shirt.

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Thank you very much Palermo”, was the theme intoned in unison, which finally took over the entertainment, while the also former member of the Argentine team watched to the side. However, the euphoria increased with the seconds and the ‘Titan’ decided to join the group of people who sang and jumped in the center of the room.

Martín Palermo was very happy with what he experienced, although he was not the only one, since there was also a dedication to Cristian ‘Pochi’ Chávez, who had the same reaction as ‘Loco’. After the impressive celebration, the protagonists were seen with a big smile on their faces.

The future of Palermo in Argentina

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Regarding sports, it should be noted that Martín Palermo is currently Aldosivi’s coach and is getting ready for the start of official competitions. The first test of the 2022 season for the coach will be on February 4, when his team will have to measure forces with Colegiales, for the Argentine Cup.


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