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Between doubts and injuries: this is how Colombia arrives for its duel against Peru | ANALYSIS

“These are the most irregular and unstable Qualifiers since the all-against-all format has been played”, tells us Norberto Peluffo, Colombian ex-soccer player, ex-coach and ex-sports director, champion in 1981 with that Atlético Nacional that had as a great figure the great César Cueto, our ‘Poet of the left-handed’. That volatility is what keeps in fourth place Colombia (17 points, -1) despite the fact that he has not won in his last five games and gave life to Peru (17 pts., -5) for chaining two wins in a row in the last double date. These two teams will meet next January 28, from 4 in the afternoon, under the infernal heat of Barranquilla on the 15th date of the Playoffs 2022. A day that will mark the beginning of the end of the road to Qatar from South America.

That irregularity in the game that the former midfielder marks us translates into poor results and attempts are made to cushion with strategies outside the green. That is why the president of the Colombian Football Federation, Ramón Jesurún, made all the moves so that the Colombia vs. Peru is played on Friday – the other games, except Venezuela vs. Bolivia, will be played on Thursday- and at 4 in the afternoon. “It is essential to defeat Peru at home”, said the manager before explaining his day change strategy: “Have one more day to prepare for the match”.

The duel at the Metropolitan Stadium will be worth more than three points. It can be the springboard that the victorious team needs to ensure its passage to the next World Cup and, incidentally, be the knockout blow for defeat. That is why it is precisely only both teams that have scheduled friendly matches outside the FIFA date with players from the local media and some who are out of activity.

Last visits from Peru to ColombiaResultTownstart time
Colombia 0-1 PeruBarranquilla2:00 p.m.
Colombia 3-3 PeruManizales6:00 p.m.
America Cup
Colombia 3-0 PeruArmenia1:45 p.m.
Colombia 1-0 PeruBogota8:00 p.m.
Colombia 5-0 PeruBarranquilla4:00 p.m.
Colombia 1-0 PeruMedellin6:00 p.m.
Colombia 1-1 PeruBogota7:00 p.m.
Colombia 2-0 PeruBarranquilla3:30 p.m.
Colombia 2-0 PeruBarranquilla3:30 p.m.
Source: Rsssf/

The Bicolor faced Panama last Sunday at 4 in the afternoon (a tie at one goal). What did the coffee cast do? They collided with Honduras (2-1 victory) almost at the same time. Now Those of Ricardo Gareca will receive Jamaica this Thursday (8 pm) before the trip to Barranquilla; while Reinaldo Rueda will probably announce the final squad list this Wednesday.

From Peru it is known that it will arrive without the starting sides (Trauco on the left and advincula by right) by suspension. The only doubt may be on the side of the Boca Juniors player: the experience of Corzo or the youth of Jhilmar Lora to stop the skilled Luis Díaz? Henceforth, the team knows each other by heart: Gallese; Corzo/Lora, Ramos; Callens; Lopez; Tapia, Yotun, Peña; Cheek, Cave, Lapadula. However, what is known about Colombia today? DT Trade spoke with two journalists and himself Norbert Peluffo to know how the Tricolor will arrive.

The weak point

Colombia got four points in their last five games: four draws and one loss. But the worst thing is not the results themselves, but the lack of a goal: zero. And it’s not just the poor aim facing the goal, but the unproductive play of Reinaldo Rueda’s team. Uncertainty has taken over the coffee town.

“We have strikers like Roger Martínez, Rafael Santos Borré, Luis Muriel, Luis Díaz, Miguel Boja. We are experiencing a problem in the game. It is very little that we generate and very few times that our strikers have scoring options. It costs us a lot. We are almost always depending on Luis Diaz’s ability, dribbling and imbalance, hoping that a space can be created and he can score or assistPeluffo explains.

“The team has good strikers. That gives some peace of mind. But you need to wake up the theme of the goal “, begins by pointing out Pablo Romero, a journalist for “El Tiempo”. .

Rafael Castillo, from “El Heraldo”, also echoes the weak point of this Colombian team. “It is a headache that Rueda has. The team has not generated enough goal options in the last games of the Qualifiers and that can be said to be, let’s say, the flaw with which the team arrives “.

Injuries, another headache

Bad news came from Italy. First the constant physical discomfort of Duvan Zapata after being injured in Atalanta vs. Genoa on December 21 last. And now the problem in the left calf of David Ospina that forced him to leave the field in the middle of Napoli vs. Fiorentina last Wednesday.

They are added Juan Fernando Quintero, who scored a goal in Colombia’s last friendly match, but was injured. The skillful footballer underwent a couple of medical tests to find out the severity of the injury, but so far the club’s official medical report has not been released. Yes, the renowned journalist Hernán Castillo tweeted that the midfielder who will play for River Plate this year suffered a “Mild median collateral sprain” and will be seven days out. That is to say, if he arrives at the match with Peru, it will be fair.

“Colombia will arrive with uncertainty due to the injuries of some key players. The case of David Ospina, Juan Fernando Quintero, we have to see if they give them the time to get there”Castle points out. Romero is more optimistic in this regard and is confident that the Napoli goalkeeper, who has already started working out in the gym, would make it to next Friday’s match.

That yes, it shows certain preoccupation by the actuality of James Rodriguez and, according to comments in the Colombian press, the possibility that he has been infected with COVID-19. “He has been raising his level. In the last 20 days he has recovered a lot from his best form in Qatar and that is important in the selection “.

If Peru has suspended (Trauco and Advíncula) and injured like Edison Flores, Colombia also has headaches ahead of the key duel.

the strongest point

Yes, it is true, Colombia has not scored a single goal in the last five games. An alarming fact for a team that has almost all its starting attackers in Europe: Luis Diaz at Porto, Juan Cuadrado at Juventus, Luis Muriel and Duván Zapata at Atalanta, Rafael Santos Borré at Eintracht Frankfurt. However, it is also highlighted that in that period of time, Reinaldo Rueda’s men have received only one goal.

“It is a strong team in defense, it is difficult for them to score goals. And that is helped by a tough midfield led by Wilmar Barrios.”, Romero tells us before reporting on the current situation of the defenders.

In Barranquilla, Peru will not only find an uncomfortable environment due to the 45 thousand fans that will fill the Metropolitan Stadium in infernal heat, they will also have to pass the Colombian defensive wall if they want to return with three vital points with a view to Qatar.


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