SportsEl Comercio's Qatar 2022 calculator: Will the team be...

El Comercio’s Qatar 2022 calculator: Will the team be able to qualify for the World Cup again?


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The peruvian national team faces a decisive final stretch in these playoffs. to the team of Ricardo Gareca He has four games left where he will define his direct qualification for the World Cup or the playoffs. The fans have already begun to do numbers to see what result the Blanquirroja needs and El Comercio makes the Qatar 2022 calculator available to all its readers.

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. This way they will be able to have a clearer picture of how the table would look date by date until the final day.

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The calculations and predictions are present again because the Peruvian team is still in the fight to obtain a place in Qatar 2022. At the moment, Peru is located in the playoff zone and has four games left to maintain that place or aspire to a direct quota for the World Cup.


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The Peruvian team depends on itself. However, in football, anything can happen. That is why the Blanquirroja will also be aware of what her closest pursuers do.

If the results are not given to the peruvian national team, The team of Ricardo Gareca expect some scores so that the World Cup path remains more alive than ever. In this final stretch, it is important to closely follow all the matches.

This is how the last practice of the Peruvian National Team took place in Videna, before leaving for Barranquilla. (Photo: Peruvian National Team)
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In the calculator Trade, you will have to fill in the boxes with your predictions and you will be able to see how the table is updated. If you made a mistake in placing a number, you will have the opportunity to clear the boxes you chose.

Each day you will be able to see how the positions in the table change according to the result that you place. It should be noted that there are only four quotas direct to the Qatar World Cup and a selection will go to the playoffs.

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