World #StealTheVote hashtag gaining momentum, Republicans sue, Americans unhappy

#StealTheVote hashtag gaining momentum, Republicans sue, Americans unhappy


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648x415 donald trump lors conference presse 4 novembre 2020

Donald Trump during his press conference on November 4, 2020. – MANDEL NGAN / AFP

Ask for the program! With This is America, its daily meeting of international news, 20 Minutes brief you as best as possible to try to understand this mishmash that is currently the presidential election. This post-election Wednesday, while we are still awaiting the final results (find our live here), we are looking at a hashtag that is on the rise, procedural Republicans and Americans who demonstrate.

You can deceive a person a thousand times, no …

They had started very early and they are not ready to finish. Internet users rather pro-Trump (but also sometimes anti-everything) launched their hashtag #StopTheSteal (“stop fraud / theft”, in French) on Tuesday in the United States. A clear reference to the accusations of electoral fraud distilled by Donald Trump in person throughout the campaign, and again on the eve of the election.

There is no doubt that the hashtag still has a bright future ahead of it thanks to the intervention of the American president on Wednesday, who denounced “the appearance of surprise ballots” while “he was winning”.

Already during the night of Tuesday to this Wednesday, during his night press conference, Donald Trump assured that he had won the election and “that we were trying to steal the victory”, even though many ballots votes were not counted, especially in Pennsylvania. He also clarified that he would take this “massive fraud” to the Supreme Court, without specifying what he was talking about or how he planned to do it exactly. The soap opera continues.

Judges and laws don’t scare me

Things promised, things owed. The Republicans had announced that they would send their lawyers, and they did so on Tuesday, especially in Pennsylvania, in Montgomery County, according to the American press. Two members of the Republican Party, including a candidate for Congress, accused local election officials of starting the counting of ballots that arrived in the mail before election day, which is perfectly allowed in other states but prohibited in Pennsylvania (hence the wait for the results of this swing state).

This case has been taken to a district court and could be the first in a long list, given the accusations made by Donald Trump and the strategy pursued by the Republican camp.

Not happy, not happy!

Several hundred people, including a dozen armed with assault rifles, took to the streets Tuesday night in Portland, Oregon, to disagree with the early election results. Many of them chanted anti-Trump slogans and some burned American flags. This peaceful (contrary to appearances) march of Black Lives Matter went smoothly.

Other demonstrations were also held overnight in Los Angeles, California, Raleigh in North Carolina, Minnesota and Washington DC Several people were arrested during the night, especially in the federal capital. The dreaded violence in the two camps did not take place, however, but new demonstrations could be held this Wednesday, in view of the uncertainty of the electoral situation.



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