World Still imprisoned, Zhang Zhan, who denounced the sanitary conditions...

Still imprisoned, Zhang Zhan, who denounced the sanitary conditions in Wuhan, continues her fight


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Zhang Zhan, imprisoned in China for denouncing the sanitary conditions in Wuhan at the start of the Covid-19 crisis. – EPN/Newscom/SIPA

A year after revealing to the world a rare glimpse of the sanitary conditions in the first city to be hit by the coronavirus, Zhang Zhan is still in prison and has gone on a hunger strike. Last March, this “citizen journalist” published on social networks images of bedridden patients in a hospital corridor in Wuhan, China.

The images of Zhang Zhan (pronounced: “Djangue Djanne”) showed the panic that had gripped the city of 11 million inhabitants, with its hospitals overwhelmed by an unknown virus. In another of her videos posted on social media, the former lawyer could be seen standing up to a police officer ordering her to stop filming. “I have the right to monitor what the state is doing,” she replied calmly to the man who was trying to snatch her cell phone.

Symbol of the search for truth

In May, Zhang Zhan, 37, was arrested, then sentenced at the end of December to four years in prison for “provoking public disturbances”. With the approach of International Women’s Day on March 8, Zhang Zhan is “the symbol” of the search for the truth about what happened in the metropolis of central China, quarantined on January 23, 2020, notes his lawyer.

A search against the narrative imposed by the communist regime, namely a heroic fight against the virus, culminating with the virtual eradication of the epidemic in the most populous country in the world.



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