Economy Subcontracting in the sector costs 160 billion euros per...

Subcontracting in the sector costs 160 billion euros per year, according to a study


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648x415 collectif fonctionnaires denonce budget etat alloue externalisation secteur fonction publique illustration

A group of civil servants denounces the state budget allocated to outsourcing in the civil service sector. (Drawing) – Celine Bregand / SIPA / SIPA

For the first time in France, a group of senior civil servants and public officials evaluated the cost of subcontracting in the public service. Their conclusion makes you dizzy. By adding all the forms of subcontracting carried out at all levels of the State and local authorities, the outsourcing of public action represents 160 billion euros per year.

An amount equivalent to a quarter of the state budget, reports the collective Nos Services Publiques, relayed by the media Politis on Friday. With this study, the collective composed mostly of anonymous agents and officials intends to “alert” from the inside to the dysfunctions of public power.

All areas of public action are concerned

In its note, the collective points to laws which “limit the capacity of public authorities to entrust missions to their own public operators” in order to promote competition, the sharp reduction in the number of public jobs, as well as the decentralization. The agents ensure that today, outsourcing concerns all aspects of public action, from cleaning the premises to the development of policies through missions of a strategic nature such as IT security.

Because of this outsourcing to private companies, the collective fears a loss of skills and “sovereignty” over actions decided by public authorities, as well as a degradation of public service. The agents in particular demand that recourse to the private sector be always chosen and reversible.



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