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Instagram: How to download videos and stories on the cell phone without using other applications

If you ever wanted to download a video from Instagram or some story, which will only last a few hours, will have realized that the popular application of Goal does not have this option. Some users install third-party applications that allow them to have the videos, but in exchange for granting them various permissions and accepting to see the advertising that comes with the service.

To avoid going to the app store and reduce your device’s storage space, you can go to this websitewhich will allow you download not only videos, but also stories, reels and photos from Instagramregardless of whether the cell phone has an operating system iOS or Android.

As a first step, it is necessary to define what content is going to be downloaded, whether it is a ‘reel’ or a story, and copy the link of the profile or the exact publication in the main bar of the page. Immediately, the download option will appearclick on it and you will soon have it among the files on your cell phone.

Note that, if it is a story, the option of “copy link” is found within a menu, which is displayed by clicking on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner, if it is a photo, or in the lower right corner, if it is a video.

Save Insta Portal Home Page

Another similar alternative to download from Instagram is found in this link. Unlike the previous one, here you only have to write the name of the account from which the videos are going to be downloaded, click accept and then place the exact link of the ‘reel’ or the story that you want to obtain. Once loaded, you will get the option “Save as video”.

The best thing about these ‘online’ services is that can also be used from the computer, and thus you will have the material ready to use it as you wish. It also works with a Windows or a Mac.

Source: Elcomercio

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