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How to install an alarm on your cell phone to know if someone tried to touch it

Just as it would be done in a house or a commercial premises, it is currently possible to install an alarm for your mobile and have it protected from anyone who tries to manipulate it secretly.

Although cell phones have unlocking patterns, biometric identification and other mechanisms to avoid any breach, a smartphone it will hardly be able to reveal which people tried to manipulate it unsuccessfully. If you have an Android operating system, you can find out about these failed attempts, free of charge, through the application “Who touched my phone?” or “Who touched my mobile?”, which you can download in this link.

The application will ask you to accept the necessary permissions. You will not need to register with your Gmail or Facebook account, you will only have to create a four-digit password to enter when you want to enter the application. Also must keep the background platform running for it to work well.

After you have installed the application, opened it and accepted all the necessary permissions, you have to create the four-digit password and press the “Set passcode” button. At the bottom touch the “Don’t touch” tab.

Finally, press the green power button, which will turn red, and that’s it. To confirm that it works well, try it with the screen off and then try to unlock your phone in the wrong way, without placing your fingerprint. Immediately, the cell phone will start ringing.

The app also provides a report of breach attempts that may include images of the person who tried to manipulate it taken from the front camera. When you want to uninstall it, you can cancel administrator permissions and hit the ‘remove’ button within the ‘app’ itself.

Source: Elcomercio

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