TechnologyMore than 44 thousand Peruvians were trained in digital...

More than 44 thousand Peruvians were trained in digital literacy and production courses


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microsoft reported that up to March of this year, 44,426 Peruvians had been trained, as part of the work of Microsoft Skilling Initiativewhose objective is to reach underserved communities, helping them improve their economic situation through their insertion in the labor market and improve their livelihoods.

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This work is part of a larger project in Latin America, since, with the presence in at least 11 countries in the region, the number of more than 1,400,000 people trained was reached.

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“While technology has been a lifeline for the activities of many companies, organizations and individuals, it also presents very specific challenges in terms of access, education and skills in Latin America,” said Jorge Cella, regional director of philanthropy for the Americas at Microsoft.

Program has enabled more Peruvians to be trained in the use of the Internet and other related technologies. (Photo: Diffusion)

The Global Skilling Initiative offers different courses and trainings within Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs and Income strategy, such as literacy courses, fundamental skills and career offerings.

For the first case, they focus on teaching basic concepts to people who have no knowledge about the use of the Internet, access to online information, creation and management of digital content, cybersecurity and online responsibility. This is how Microsoft aspires to create alternative, flexible and accessible paths to job opportunities.

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The others are aimed at teaching people how to use technology productively, focusing on most Office tools and offering professional skills or violence prevention, accessibility, empowerment of people with disabilities.

The technology company also recalled that in 2021 an agreement was signed with the Regional Government of Cajamarca for the creation of the “Skills for the future” program. This is how more than 300 trainers were trained who will share what they learned, knowledge and technological tools.


Source: Elcomercio

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