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Do you want to spend less on fuel? 10 practical tips to save gasoline


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the price of the gasoline has increased throughout the world for various reasons. However, drivers can reduce their expenses if they follow a few tips and apply them to their combustion or hybrid cars.


Although it is not a noticeable saving at first glance, the user will be able to realize this in the long term. That is, they are small actions that They will help you not spend as much fuel by forcing your engine. If this does not work too much, it will not spend more gasoline than it really needs to work.

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How can I save gas with my vehicle?

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1. plan trips. When making a long trip, the first thing we must do is plan it. It is important to take into account where we are going to stop and for how long, because if we extend a trip for reasons that we had not foreseen, we will increase fuel consumption. If we already know how to act in any situation, we will not spend more time than normal, nor more gasoline.

two. Avoid sudden acceleration or braking. These sudden actions generate a greater effort for the engine, regardless of whether the vehicle is electric, hybrid or combustion. Therefore, the driver must anticipate what will be in front of him to act correctly. This could save up to 20% on gas, depending on the car.

3. Keep a steady speed. This point is related to the previous one, because by following a uniform speed, you will generate that the motor does not force its work to continue with the indications that you give it. Therefore, it is important to anticipate what is going to happen on the track to maintain fluidity, without the need to brake or accelerate for reasons external to the vehicle.

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Four. Turn off the engine when you are not moving. If you have to wait for a person or if you are going to be stuck in traffic for a long time, it is best to turn off the engine and start it when you are going to move. In this way, you will not force the motor to work, but without getting you anywhere.

5. Use the air conditioner correctly. This is the non-essential system that consumes the most energy and works thanks to the motor, especially in summer. You should not abuse its use, because after a few minutes it is already effective. In other words, it is not necessary to raise or lower the temperature excessively, but only place it at 5° C less than the ambient temperature.

6. It’s better to have the windows closed. Being open, air enters the vehicle and it will take more work to break the air resistance. The engine will force more and, therefore, you will spend more gasoline. For this reason, it is better to use the air conditioning, following the previous indication.

7. Make good use of cruise control. By following the tips above, we can rely on technology to maintain a stable speed. The cruise system will always be more accurate than the driver, due to its sensors, so we must trust it. If you are going uphill, try to go with a little less speed so as not to force the engine.

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8. Use the long gears. We must not wait for the engine to reach 3,000 rpm to move up a gear, as it is important to drive at low revolutions. If gears are not shifted, it creates over-rev and therefore higher fuel consumption. In a car that runs on fuel, the top gear can be passed between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm, while in a diesel it can be done from as little as 1,500 rpm, since more than 2,000 rpm is already considered high revolutions. In the vast majority of cars, it is in the 4th, 5th and 6th when the engine consumes less fuel.

9. Check tire pressure. These should be inflated as recommended by the manufacturer. If you drive with tires with a pressure of 0.5 bar less than the correct one, it causes fuel consumption to increase by 2% in urban areas and 4% in interurban areas. You should only vary +0.2 or +0.3 bars if it is very cold or if the car is very heavy.

10. Go through the technical review. If your car is in perfect condition, you will already save gas. Being clean and maintained, you will not force the engine and, in addition, you will be up to date with your obligations as a driver.


Source: Elcomercio

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