Do you want to buy a used cell phone? Four details to consider

Do you want to buy a used cell phone? Four details to consider

The cell phones of the latest generation are very impressive, as they come with the best technology of the moment. The iPhone 13 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example, are models that anyone would like. The problem is that their prices are not very accessible to the general public, even less so in times when we prioritize saving.

For this reason, some people are inclined to acquire a second-hand equipment from a generation prior to the current one. That way, they are assured of powerful hardware with almost the same capabilities as the latest designs, but at a much lower price.

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However, there are certain considerations to take into account when choosing a used cell phone.

What are we looking for?

It is not the same to get a smartphone to make calls, use social networks or listen to some music as it is to take photos and use it for editing. In the first case, it is probably enough to choose a low-end model; On the other hand, in the second case, a powerful processor and camera will be necessary.

For Andres Lanxon, from the technology portal CNET, if your case is the last an iPhone XR or a Galaxy S10 are presented as good alternatives.

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Buy from a trusted source

It seems like an obvious warning, but sometimes there are prices that seduce us and when the product arrives we are disappointed. That’s whyit is very important to use reliable sites. Amazon or eBay are platforms we could work with. In the local market Mercado Libre is an alternative, although you always have to be stealthy.

Review the product’s sales description

Regardless of the platform from which the purchase is made, you have to be attentive to the description that the seller makes of the product offered. Essential details like “bad battery” or “no charger” they could be intentionally announced at the end of the text.

Use common sense: If a $1,000 iPhone is selling for just $100, there’s probably something fishy going on.

Beware of equipment without updates

As incredible as the offer with which a team is announced, we should never choose one that no longer receives factory updates.

Unsupported phones are exposed to all kinds of vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of to take over our phones. Bank details or even personal photos may be involved.

In the case of Android, we must take into account that most models have about three years guaranteed constant updates. In the case of iPhone, until now the iPhone 6 – from 2015 – are still receiving updates.

Finally, when the phone reaches our hands it is worth taking some time to completely reset it to factory settings.

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