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Android: 7 tricks to get the most out of your smartphone easily

Android It is one of the most used operating systems in the world. Because it is not limited to a single brand of devices, users understand more quickly how to use them, even if they have never used a company’s smartphones. Learn how to make the most of its features.

It’s important pointing that Not all Android phones have access to these tricks. It depends a lot on the manufacturer, since many times they prefer to direct buttons or functions towards other things. However, most of these usually have them, especially if they are current devices.

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How can I get the most out of my Android smartphone?

1. Go back to the previous app. Remember the Alt + Tab on PC that takes you back to the program you had on the screen before? The ‘Recents’ button, with which you see all the apps open at that moment, works in the same way. You just have to give it two taps and it will take you to the last application you were using.

two. zoom anywhere. It’s a screen feature, so it works separately from any other app’s zoom. Head to Settings > Accessibility > Visibility Enhancements (in some cases) > Magnify, and turn on the service. In this way you can increase the size of what you want to observe, just by tapping the screen three times. To undo the action, you simply have to repeat the touches.

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3. Use Guest Mode. Not all Android devices have this feature, but it’s very useful when you don’t want third parties to see your information. You can activate it by opening the notification panel (swipe from top to bottom). Look for the user icon (a circle with a silhouette inside) and select ‘Guest Mode’. This does not allow access to applications or accounts, until it is deactivated.

Four. fix the screen. This feature allows an app to remain pinned and cannot be switched to another app or do any other action. To do this, you must first enable the feature in Settings > Security > Location > Screen pinning. You can also activate the ‘Lock device on deactivation’ button. Then you can use it. You just have to have at least one app open and on the ‘Recents’ screen, press the app icon until a drop-down menu appears. Then tap ‘Set’ and you’re done. If you want to unlock the screen, just press the ‘Back’ and ‘Recents’ buttons at the same time.

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5. Use a scroll bar when typing. Do you take a long time to correct messages because you can not put the line of text in the indicated letter? You don’t have to erase everything and rewrite. Just use the little arrow below the text line and move it where you need.

6. Open the camera with two taps. Does your cell phone take a long time to turn on the screen for you to open the quick access to the Camera app? Don’t worry, there is a way to enter it without touching the screen. To do this, you must first activate the function. Go to Settings > System > Gestures > Quick access to camera. When activating this function, you just have to press the power button of the cell phone twice and that’s it. However, on some smartphones, the number of keystrokes may vary.

7. Use the volume buttons on your camera. This varies depending on smartphones. In some cases, you can use them as photo “triggers” or to use the camera zoom. To do this, you must check the official information of your device to know what you can do with these buttons.

Source: Elcomercio

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