TechnologyElectromobility: which European countries oppose the change from combustion...

Electromobility: which European countries oppose the change from combustion cars by 2035?


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Europe has taken a decisive step to leave behind the combustion vehicles that generate CO2 emissions and pollute the environment. This as a result of the fact that the countries of the European Union supported this Tuesday that from 2035 new diesel and gasoline cars and vans would no longer be sold in the EU.


In their place, vehicles with zero emissions would be promoted, pointing to the use of electric and hydrogen vehicles, or some variety of gas. Most of the countries were satisfied, since the European Union has a goal to be neutral in emissions by 2050.

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However, there are countries with positions contrary to this proposal for change, or that have placed certain conditions on the debate. This is the case of Germany, which has the largest car market in Europe, which proposed introducing the possibility for new vehicles to run on synthetic or CO2-neutral fuels.

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Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania have proposed 2040 as the date. They have proposed a gradual reduction to 80% in 2015 and from 100% to 2040, reported the specialized page MotorPasion. However, the big European brands have been satisfied with the proposals for change.

The debate continues, but with a date of 2035. The Council of the EU, which represents the Member States, proposed that schedule, similar to what is being debated in the European Parliament. The final decision is now expected in this space, which will be given in the second half of this year.


Source: Elcomercio

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