TechnologyPetvation, the facial recognition device that identifies your pet...

Petvation, the facial recognition device that identifies your pet to let it enter your home


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Many homes encourage the independence of their pets by using one of those swing openings that are installed at the base of the door that leads to the patio or garden, so that that cat or dog can come and go at their own pace, without having to wait for Have a human open the door for you.


In their generosity, however, these little animals can bring some adventure partner, with the promise of a place where they will find shelter and food, to the surprise of their owners. Or wanting to go out at an inconvenient time for their owners, like at dawn.

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So someone at Petvation had an idea: add a camera to the doorlink it to an animal facial recognition system, and thus define which animal can enter (or leave) the house. It works with dogs and cats and can be set by days, too.

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Thus, we can define that on a Sunday when the pet will be home alone, it has the possibility of going out to the garden without having to leave a door ajar for it, or block the exit if it is in heat, sick, etc., in order to have manual control over its excursions. To the exterior.

Door Petvation with infrared cameras (which ensures its operation at night) it is an alternative to other similar solutions, such as the use of RFID tags (in the collar or subcutaneous) to enable the opening of the door.

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The company started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to gauge interest in this device and secure early sales. Those who buy it this way will pay $139 for the door, against the $229 price it will have when it goes on sale next October.

GDA / The Nation / Argentina


Source: Elcomercio

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