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Google Drive: now you can access and edit documents without being connected to the internet


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Creating files, projects, sharing photos and other types of files from and being able to access them from any device is the great tool of the application of google drive.


However, you need to have an internet connection to access those files and edit them, but the company, taking into account the needs of its users, included the function of consulting the ‘Docs’ files without having an internet connection. However, to save the changes you do need to connect.

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Save the files from the phone

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The idea, first, is to open the Google Drive app on the phone. Then tap on the three-dot menu button and the filename you want to access offline.

After, select the ‘Make available offline’ option. Then, you have to access the offline files from the ‘Offline’ section, the one in the navigation drawer.

On the other hand, from settings you can select the offline access option: ‘keep on this device’ to save the file on the device being used.

Once that is done the file will be downloaded and will be accessed even when you are offline. The files will be updated when it goes online after the changes.

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Google Docs offline from your computer

First, download the Google Docs offline extension. To do this you must go to the ‘Google Drive Help’, click on ‘Install and enable the offline Google Docs Chrome extension’.

when that is done, The Chrome Web Store page will open with the ‘Google Documents Offline’ extension to download.

To hit the extension you have to click on the blue button ‘Add to Chrome’ and confirm the installation notices that will be displayed.

Then go to the Google Docs page. At the top left, you’ll find the menu icon, three horizontal lines, one on top of the other. Tap on it and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.

There, it’s ‘offline’, and next to it is a gray button. You have to drag it to the right to activate the function. The switch will turn blue, in order to mark the activated option. Confirm the changes by clicking ‘ok’.

When you follow the steps Google Docs will automatically save all documents new and recent files locally on your hard drive.

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