TechnologyMojo Lens: the invention that will "kill" the iPhone...

Mojo Lens: the invention that will “kill” the iPhone is already a reality


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The company Mojo Vision announced that the first augmented reality smart contact lens is fully functional. Through a story from the first person who used it, the CEO of the company, Drew Perkins, it was revealed that it is already a reality. This invention seeks to dethrone the smartphone to become the best technological ally of people.

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In fact, the future is already here. I have seen it. I have used it. Works. It all happened at the Mojo Vision labs in Saratoga, California on June 23, 2022, and was the first eye demonstration of a full augmented reality smart contact lens”, assured Perkins in the Mojo Vision blog, despite the fact that it is still the prototype of this lens.

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He also explained how its creators managed to make this invention a reality. “To build a smart augmented reality contact lens we have pushed the limits of miniaturization of physics and electronics, with the belief that no problem is too complex to be solved. And because we’re building something that didn’t exist before, our development teams had to invent many of the necessary components and systems, as well as the user interface.”, he added.

This type of device, which we only saw in movies or books, will now be a reality. “Through the ingenuity and sheer determination of our team, Mojo Vision has created a smart contact lens with capabilities that were considered impossible outside of science fiction. Until todayPerkins said.

This is the Mojo Lens prototype. | (Photo: Mojo Vision)

How does Mojo Lens work?

This contact lens has a MicroLED screen. Its resolution is so high (14,000 dots per inch), that the human eye will not distinguish it from reality. Furthermore, it is less than 0.5mm in diameter with a pixel pitch of 1.8 microns. According to Perkins, “it is the smallest and densest screen in the world”.

Likewise, the CEO assured that the company developed “Custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs for the Mojo Lens that incorporate a 5 GHz radio and an ARM Core M0 processor that transmits sensor data from the lens and outputs augmented reality (AR) content to the MicroLED display”.

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Perkins also indicated that Mojo Lens it has a custom-configured accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. These continuously track eye movements so augmented reality images remain steady as your eyes move. “Mojo Lens uses a proprietary power management system that includes medical-grade micro-batteries and a Mojo-developed power management IC”, he added.

This contact lens is controlled with “a unique, intuitive, eye-tracking-based interface that allows users to access content and select items without manual or gesture-based controls”. Namely, just natural eye movement.

Interface that shows Mojo Lens to the user, according to the company.  |  (Photo: Mojo Vision)

Interface that shows Mojo Lens to the user, according to the company. | (Photo: Mojo Vision)

When will Mojo Lens be on sale?

Mojo Vision has only tested the prototype of these lenses, so even though Perkins says it’s totally working, they still have steps to take. This not only includes fine-tune the details and solve any problems the device may have (such as the settings for each type of user), but also the approval of the health authorities.

To achieve this, we will conduct several clinical studies to test the capabilities and provide feedback on software and applications”, Perkins pointed out in his text. For these reasons, cannot be brought to market so easily.


Source: Elcomercio

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