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Windows 11 and Office in Quechua: so you can configure the language from anywhere in the world

This weekend microsoft and the Ministry of Culture relaunched the Quechua version for the operating system Windows 11 and the complete package office 365as a way to bring native languages ​​closer to technology.

It is an updated version that will facilitate the creation of economic opportunities, since there are three million people who share this language, especially in Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Apurímac. The option for Quechua chanka is due to the fact that it is the most used variant.

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“Having new technological tools is essential for strengthening Quechua and we hope that these operating systems will be extended to other indigenous languages, to impact the more than 4 million speakers of indigenous languages ​​in the country,” said the Vice Minister of Interculturality. , Rosilda Nunta Guimaraes.

In this work, over 5 years, Microsoft has allocated more than US$10 million globally to promote cultural heritage. For this reason, Giovanna Cortez, country manager of Microsoft Peru, pointed out that “millions of students, educators, professionals and Quechua-speaking residents will be able to use the operating system and the most used office automation tools worldwide in their native language.”

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Step by Step

The configuration is very simple. According to Microsoft assistants, the Quechua version can even be installed on Windows 10 and from anywhere in the world. That is, the new adaptation is enabled so that everyone can use it. This has also been achieved thanks to the assistance of the team of translators from the Ministry of Culture.

Now you can know step by step the update in Windows and Office.

To configure Windows, you must download the Quechua Runasimi language pack, in case it is not installed. (Daniel Bedoya Ramos/)

First, go to the HOME screen and select (Settings) . Then the language setting is selected.

In the popup you will find the default language option. Click on Add Language. In the search engine, Runasimi must be typed, then the option is selected and click Next.

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To install the language pack, make sure you select the option “Set as the language to display in Windows” and click install. You will then see the progress screen indicating the progress of the installation.

Once the process is finished, the session must be restarted. After all this process, the interface will be updated. You can now enjoy Windows in Quechua.

Like the configuration of Windows with Quechua, in Office you must also make some previous changes.

Like the configuration of Windows with Quechua, in Office you must also make some previous changes. (Daniel Bedoya Ramos/)

First, you have to open Word, in any version. In the upper left option, select File. Then Options is selected.

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In the last window, the Language selection must be marked. Inside you have to mark the option to Add language. The next step is to search the list for the Quechua Runasimi option

Like the Windows settings, you have to check the option Set as language to display office. From there you can follow the progress of the installation

Then Word opens again. The same path File>Options>Language is repeated. Since the Quechua package is already installed, all you have to do is select and restart the word session. The Quechua commands will be ready.

Source: Elcomercio

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