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ThinkPad Z13 – Review: The good and not so good of Lenovo’s new eco-friendly laptop

ThinkPad Z13 – Review: The good and not so good of Lenovo’s new eco-friendly laptop

ThinkPad Z13 – Review: The good and not so good of Lenovo’s new eco-friendly laptop

lenovo expands the range of its ThinkPad laptops with the launch of its new Z16 and Z13 computers, which are committed to caring for the environment with a design made with eco-friendly materials.

This time we tested the Z13, the smallest laptop in the Z series but also the one that promises a level of performance equivalent to its practicality.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13. (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

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ThinkPad Z13 Specifications


The laptop ThinkPad Z13 It comes in two designs made from sustainable materials, both with Haptic Glass ForcePad: the bronze with the black PET recycled vegan leather and the arctic gray recycled aluminum. The model that we had to try was not the famous bronze model lined with vegan leather. However, the recycled aluminum design does not detract from the sobriety or professionalism of the team’s presence; on the contrary, it gives it a sophisticated style.

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Of course, we must be careful when holding the device, since it is very easy to leave traces of our fingerprints on it. Still, it’s not hard to remove by wiping it off with a tissue or rag.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13.  (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13. (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

At the bottom, you have two audio outputs on the left and right sides. It also has a small fan footprint, which is pretty decent considering the size of the rig.

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The laptop has a 65W charger that takes 1 hour and 26 minutes, according to the time that we timed, in completing the load to 100%.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13.  (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13. (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)


As for the keyboard, the keys have a large size and cover the entire lower space of the device. It is comfortable when typing, and the touch panel is easy to use. There’s even a fingerprint reader key for easy biometric security.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 keyboard.  (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 keyboard. (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

Like other Lenovo models, the TrackPoint – the small red dot in the middle of the keyboard – is included, and enhances the user’s productivity when using it in editing documents or work material. A new double-tap feature has also been added that opens a quick menu of communication tools to adjust camera settings, mute the microphone, and adjust noise suppression modes from the button.

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The display of the laptop comes with a 13.3-inch IPS panel with a 1,920 x 1,200-pixel touch screen. The thinness of the bezels gives the laptop more immersion in the image, and colors are better appreciated.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 screen.  (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 screen. (Photo: Marcia Urquizo Balboa)

Even in the sun, or with the night light on, the screen stays sharp, making it easy to work in any environment.

The only drawback in terms of its use is that, having the touch screen, fingerprints are impregnated on the glass. However, as long as the equipment is kept on, the latter would not be noticeable when using it.


As for the performance of the machine, Lenovo delivers what it promises. The ThinkPad Z13 has a extensive performance in the use of work programsboth in content creation and productivity, and in overall performance for office-centric tasks — be it word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, and video conferencing.

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The ThinkPad Z13 also has features that are optimized for using Microsoft Teams or other video calling platforms. Your AMD Ryzen 7 PRO Processor optimizes battery life during video conferences. While the virtual meetings are taking place, other entertainment platforms such as Spotify or Steam can run without any problem on the computer. However, having such a powerful performance, the equipment tends to heat up quickly. It would be advisable to accompany it with a portable fan.

After performing performance tests, we determined that the ThinkPad Z13 has an approximate 11 hours and 20 minutes operating under conditions that require high performance.


The ThinkPad Z13 isn’t just a laptop that boasts of being made from eco-friendly materials. Being practical and powerful, it is perfect for users who carry out office tasks and, at the same time, need to travel to various places. It is also optimal for the public that is in constant work videoconferences, while performing other functions.

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Then, If you were looking for a laptop that supports long days of work away from home, this could be a good option. On the other hand, if you need a computer that performs well enough for remote work, or you are a gamer who requires a high-performance laptop with powerful fans, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

The price of the ThinkPad Z13 is S / 8,998.00 in the official Lenovo store in Peru.

Source: Elcomercio

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