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Mastodon, Twitter competitor, reached 1 million monthly active users

Mastodon, Twitter competitor, reached 1 million monthly active users

Mastodon, Twitter competitor, reached 1 million monthly active users

After the purchase of Twitterdifferent social networks They have started to climb. An example is Mastodon, which has already managed to gather 1 million monthly active users. This information was revealed by the CEO and main developer of the social network, Eugen Rochko.

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“Hello, we have reached 1,028,362 monthly active users across the network today. 1,124 new Mastodon servers since October 27 and 489,003 new users. That’s so cool.” collects the publication made by the leader in said social network.

Mastodon, decentralized social network based in Germany, has managed to gain a space on the cell phones of many users after Elon Musk will take control of Twitter on October 27.

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Rochko is the only full-time employee and noted, also in a post, that he has been working 12-14 hour days to tidy up the great demand from users that Mastodon has received.

Migrating users from one app to another has different reasons. Some users point out that their transfer from the bird’s social network to Mastodon is due to the uncertainty of how Twitter will function under Musk’s control. Others made this change to protest mode against the new features that the tycoon plans to implement, such as payment for profile verification.

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The social network offers Twitter-like experience: hashtags, replies, bookmarks, and a retweet-like version called ‘boost’, are present in the interface and allow users to interact with each other.

The difference lies in advertising, as Mastodon lacks these and it is also distributed through thousands of servers based on interests and geographical regions. These servers are run by volunteers who join their individual systems in a federation.

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Another difference compared to Twitter is that Mastodon is not under the command of a central entity. The owners of the servers cannot impose anything or shut down the network, what they can do is break ties with any server that breaks any policy of said social network.

The truth is that the social network is climbing more and more and it would not be a surprise if in the future it will be more popular among the cyber community.

Source: Elcomercio

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