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Qatar 2022: how to detect and protect yourself from cyber-scams related to the World Cup?

Qatar 2022: how to detect and protect yourself from cyber-scams related to the World Cup?

Qatar 2022: how to detect and protect yourself from cyber-scams related to the World Cup?

With the arrival of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the cybercriminals They are taking advantage of profit from this sporting event. From scams linked to the exchange of Panini album figurines, to “prizes” to go to or watch the World Cup. Learn how to detect them and what to do about them.

These types of cyber-scams are not new. At the end of 2021, emails were reported assuring their victims that they could be part of the Qatar 2022 providers.Over the course of two months, from August 15 to October 15, 2021, they detected 11,000 fraudulent emails using the World Cup as a hook”, noted a Kaspersky report at the time.

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Also, there were other emails that tried to trick users into thinking they were part of a big giveaway. “Other emails were directed at users in various countries, claiming that had been selected to participate in an exclusive draw or receive an amount from a fund created on behalf of the World Cup”, adds the company.

Through these messages, They asked to pay a “small sum” compared to the large prize they could receive. Even, in some cases, They asked to fill out forms with full names, ID, address, telephone, bank accounts and even their occupation.

Currently, these types of tactics continue to be used through emails, text messages and social networks. The objective is obtain personal data or access to victims’ devices to obtain money. With sensitive information, credit or debit cards can be accessed, in addition to posing as victims, and by taking control of our PCs or mobile devices they can enter banking apps.

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However, this did not just stop there, because Cybercriminals also took advantage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Panini album fever to scam. In addition to asking to meet and directly rob some people, also offered links via QR codes.

This type of scam, called ‘qrshing’ and which is a mix between QR and phishing, consisted of place one of these codes ensuring that it would take them to a WhatsApp group to exchange figures or a raffle. However, only redirected to some malicious website or to download malware on the devices.

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How to detect and protect yourself from cyber scams about Qatar 2022?

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