TechnologyKeys to taking incredible photos with (almost any) cell...

Keys to taking incredible photos with (almost any) cell phone


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Today more and more phone equipment comes with high quality cameras capable of taking incredible photos like a professional camera. However, some of these cell phones belong to the high end of mobile devices. Will it be possible to take incredible photos from a mid-range equipment? A specialist gives us some advice.

Carlie Beltrán is a photographer in charge of the IgersPerú community, which seeks to encourage photography through posts and challenges on Instagram. The images that she publishes are mostly captured through the cell phone. He explains that you don’t need a great team to get good results.

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“Photographs taken with a cell phone, despite not being professional, are capable of producing beautiful works of art. Everything depends a lot on being clear about the basic rules of photography, patience, good taste and an optimal range cell phone so that you can obtain an acceptable quality”, says Beltrán in an interview with Trade.

Keep these recommendations in mind if you want to get the most out of your cell phone camera in your spare time.

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plan the goal

Taking a good photograph is not just about pointing at random landscapes or objects that look good aesthetically. Behind a great Instagram image, there is a plan of what you want to capture. Post production work is important to be clear about the style of photographs that are required.

“The first and basic thing is to train your eyes. It is not only about seeing, one must stop and observe what surrounds you. Each artist has a different point of view and must exploit it until they find a style that characterizes it”, Beltran added.

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Even so, it is important to know that everything is possible to photograph. Testing and rehearsing what you want to capture will strengthen your skills in getting a good photo.

“Cell phone photography today is very, very diverse. We can find food photographers (foodies), street, landscape, portraits, pets, architecture, among others”, Beltran added.

Use photo editors

If you think that all photographic work is subject to the result then taking the image, you are wrong. Even photographers with professional cameras resort to editing to enhance the elements in the photograph.

In this regard, Carlie Beltrán tells us: “A photo taken is the first step, after that there is a wide range of apps for editing. I highly recommend Snapseed as it has all the basics you need to retouch a photo.”

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Not all mobiles are suitable

Although we would love to say that any cell phone is capable of taking amazing photos, the truth is that some mobile devices have several limitations in their camera, mainly low-end ones. For this reason, when purchasing equipment, it is important to verify the quality of the camera and carry out constant tests under different lighting levels.

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“It is important to find mid-range and high-end phones that can give us acceptable quality. Now the market offers a large number of models with lenses that can take more stable photos with a high resolution. Nowadays, cellular technology has advanced so much that it already depends a lot on tastes and affinity with the brand. Basically what you should look for is a cell phone with high resolution cameras and it is very important that it has enough storage space”, Beltran ends.

Source: Elcomercio

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