TechnologyThey create material that repairs car scratches just by...

They create material that repairs car scratches just by leaving it under the sun for 30 minutes


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The scrapes and scratches on our auto They are one of the worst things that can happen to us. But, can you imagine that when one of these stripes appears on the vehicle, it can regenerate just by receiving sunlight?

A team of researchers has developed a transparent protective coating material that can self-heal in as little as 30 minutes when exposed to sunlight. Their results have been published in the scientific journal ACS Applied Polymer Materials.

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One of the most important issues in protecting a vehicle’s surface is the durability of its coatings. These should not only be colorless and transparent to reveal the original color of the product.

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Materials with free molecular motion have high self-healing efficiency but low durability, while materials with high hardness and excellent durability have remarkably poor self-healing performance.

This is why the discovery by the research team of Dr. Jin Chul Kim, Dr. Young il Park, and Dr. Ji-Eun Jeong of the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) is so valuable. They have developed a clear coating material that satisfies all of the above conditions and has performance similar to that of commercial protective coating materials and can self-heal only in sunlight (particularly near-sunlight infrared light, in the wavelength range). wave from 1000 to 1100 nm) in 30 minutes.

How does it work?

When the developed material absorbs sunlight, the surface temperature increases as the light energy is converted into thermal energy. Subsequently, the increase in surface temperature makes it possible to self-heal a scratch on the surface by repeating the dissociation and recombination of chemical bonds in the polymer structure.

To the existing commercial coating resin, the research team added a dynamic chemical bond (hindered urea structure) that can repeat the decomposition and recombination of the polymer structure, and mixed it with a transparent photothermal dye so that the dynamic chemical bond can actively occur after exposure to sunlight.

The developed self-healing material is expected to be used as a coating material for transportation applications, electronic devices such as smartphones and computers, and construction materials in the future. Furthermore, it is expected to contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality by reducing the use of harmful organic solvents, which are generated in large quantities when refinishing vehicles.

Source: Elcomercio

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