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Can’t get the WiFi? How to create a “heat map” so that your whole house has coverage


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There is a way in which we can know which areas of our house do not have a good signal Wifi. To do this, we only have to detect it using an application on our cell phone and then strategically place repeaters. Thus, we will have a good internet connection in every corner.

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WiFi Heatmap is an app that allows us to detect how strong the signal of our modem or router is to know where we should add a repeater. This application generates a “heat map” in our house so that we can visualize which places need help to be connected.

Measure your actual WiFi parameters and view them on a map. You must have your Floor Plan: Accepted Image File to work on it, take a picture of a paper copy, or if you don’t have it, a basic built-in floor plan builder is included. Easily share your result with a single click”, indicates the app.

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Its way of using it is simple: the plan of the house is added to My projects (My projects) or we draw it on the screen. With this, we can begin to detect the power of our WiFi network. We will have to decide the diameter, where we are the center of the circle, with which it will be measured while we move. This means that the smaller the diameter, the more precise the signal, but it also means that we will need to take more measurements.

Later, we just have to drag the location point to the area of ​​the plane where we are located. Thus, we will be able to measure how well we are doing in each part of the house and provide more data to the map. Finally, we can save a .jpg file on our cell phone of the “heat map” to see it whenever we want.

Example of what the WiFi Heatmap would look like in use. | (Photo: Wi-Fi Heatmap/Google Play Store)

What is the purpose of generating this plane? With this app we will be able to know if the WiFi connection reaches the rooms we want correctly. In case we do not have a good signal where we work, for example, a repeater could be added in a specific area to ensure a good signal. Also, This is not only restricted to homes, as it can be used in offices or premises, for instance. It even has an option for outdoor areas.

Although the use of WiFi Heatmap is free, the Google Play Store notes that the app may contain advertising and in-app purchases.. That is, ads could appear while we use the application or some tools will require some kind of payment. In case you don’t want to spend money, you can simply use what the free version offers you.

Source: Elcomercio

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