TechnologyThe eSport of the moment is not a video...

The eSport of the moment is not a video game: now there is competition to design the best website in record time


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The eSports They are known for being an industry from the world of video games. However, a new eSport has been born that has nothing to do with games: web design.

The Relume Design League, a competition organized by the Relume website creation company, had its grand finale last October. The winner was web designer and developer German Sergey Stanvech, who also became a creditor of a prize of US$2,000.

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The purpose of this new eSport is, according to Relume, “bring together the best designers from around the world to compete head to head in a live Figma Arena”. Indeed, the grand finale was broadcast live in Youtube, with commentators and thousands of viewers up to date with the new sport.

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This eSport has the following dynamics: the games, known as Rumbles, are one against one and the opponents you have half an hour to access Figma Arena and create a web page that will leave the public speechless.

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The organization is who gives them some instructions to follow in creating their web pages, but designers take full control of what they do. Once they finish, surveys are issued so that the public choose the best.

The RDL is the first esport made for designers. We bring together the best web designers from around the world to compete head-to-head in Figma. Players have thirty minutes to create a design based on the instructions provided.”, explained Relume.

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First place gets $2,000the second $750 and the third $250. In addition, you can now register for upcoming tournaments.

Here you can see the grand final of the eSport that consists of web design.

Source: Elcomercio

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