TechnologyWhy Netflix's cheap ad-supported plan could cause several anime...

Why Netflix’s cheap ad-supported plan could cause several anime series to be pulled?


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Netflix has launched its new ad-supported plan in 12 countries, which costs $6.99 a month, on November 4. However, this bet by the streaming company could end up affecting the content it has. In this case, it could cause several anime series to be withdrawn.

nhk [Nippon Housou Kyoukai] has urged Netflix to suspend the distribution of the 22 NHK shows on its platformafter the streaming giant launched a new plan that includes commercials”, reports The Japan Times.

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This is because the company was not clear on how this new plan would work. “The move reflects NHK’s concern that a cheaper Netflix subscription plan that includes ads could create a misunderstanding that NHK is recommending certain products”, he adds.

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Even the station would have filed a complaint because the streaming platform did not provide the information on time. “NHK complained to Netflix that the new subscription plan, which launched on November 4, was not what it had assumed it would be, and that Netflix didn’t provide an explanation until just before the plan began. The public broadcaster demanded that Netflix stop distributing its programs, even to users subscribed to ad-free plans”, adds the Japanese medium.

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The measure, which could remove series like ‘Attack on Titan’ or ‘Vinland Saga’ from the platform, is due to internal NHK policies. “According to your standards for Internet-related services, NHK does not distribute programs if there is the possibility of creating a misconception that it is recommending or advertising a certain product or service.”, he concludes.

Cheap Netflix ad-supported subscription not only presents these problems with NHK. Currently, not all the series or movies that are in the old plans can be enjoyed in the most recent. This is due to the fact that the contracts with the audiovisual production companies did not provide for the platform to issue “commercials” during the reproduction of its content.

Source: Elcomercio

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