TechnologyLancia Pu+Ra: the futuristic electric car model with which...

Lancia Pu+Ra: the futuristic electric car model with which Lancia plans to be reborn in 2024 (PHOTOS)


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Lancia, during its Lancia Design Day event, presented its new business plan to be reborn in the automotive industry: electric cars futurists. Between 2024 and 2028, the legendary car brand will launch three new models based on the Lancia Pu+Ra concept.

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Lancia plans to come back strong and with nothing more and nothing less than the Lancia Pu+Ra design conceptan fmodel uturist which combines, depending on the brand, the words ‘pure’ (Pu) and ‘radical’ (Ra). The concept “defines Lancia design for the next 100 years”.

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This futuristic concept will be the basis for its next three electric cars. The first will be Ypsilonan urban hybrid or electric model that will arrive in 2024. then it will land Aurelia in 2026, although the name could still vary. Finally, the new lancia delta plans to premiere in 2028 like a 100% electric car.

Regarding the details of the Pu + Ra, it is observed that in the front part there is a trio of LED lights, which Lancia calls “the chalice”. At the moment, the sculpture does not present wheels nor has it shown its interior. However, Lancia has confirmed its partnership with Cassina, an Italian furniture manufacturer, and that its future cabins will use sustainable materials.

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Here you can see videos presentation of the Lancia Pu+Ra.

Source: Elcomercio

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