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Google launches ‘Reading Mode’ on Android: includes a text-to-speech function and different font sizes

Google launches ‘Reading Mode’ on Android: includes a text-to-speech function and different font sizes

Google launches ‘Reading Mode’ on Android: includes a text-to-speech function and different font sizes

Google has announced the rollout of new features in Androidamong which a new Reading Mode stands out, which allows you to create an accessible experience for people with vision problems, as well as customizable display options with different font sizes and text to speech.

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The company has detailed the new features of your operating system considering that these can help some users to “feel the Christmas spirit” and among which are included new options for Google Photos.

First of all, Google has reminded that this application recently added Styles to the collage editor and that, with a view to the upcoming December holidays, users will be able to find unique designs created by the artists DABSMYLA and Yao Cheng Desing.

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Another novelty of this update package is emoji kitchen, which allows you to customize ‘stickers’ and combine several of them with a Christmas theme. For example, you can put a wolf, followed by a snowman and Google will take care of combining both and creating a new one.

Regarding the general news of Android, beyond Christmas themes, the company has announced the introduction of the reading mode, that “creates an accessible reading experience that can be useful for people who are blind, low vision or dyslexic”as he has pointed out in an entry on his blog.

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After installing it, this mode adds new customizable display options according to the needs of the users. Among some of the details that can be modified are the contrast, type and size of the font. Also, a text-to-speech function with speed control has been introduced.

In addition, it has included a new YouTube widget to access the library of videos, ‘Shorts’ or channels to which you are subscribed, while Google TV already makes it easy to use your phone to discover new shows or movies from all streaming services.

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Google has indicated, on the other hand, that as of next week can be streamed directly from the Google TV app to a compatible TV and the device from which it is issued can also be used as a remote control.

Likewise, it has announced that from now on users with digital car key, that allows you to open, close and start a vehicle just by bringing the mobile closer, they can share it with other people as long as they use a Pixel smartphone or iPhone.

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However, it has indicated that mobile users with Android 12 or a later version will be able to do so soon. To find out who has access to this key, they must access the digital wallet application of their terminal.

What’s new for smartwatches

The technology manufacturer has also released new updates to its ‘smartwatches’, among which is a new panel with tiles in your operating system, Wear OSto be able to see all the information at once.

The app has also been updated. Google Keep to enter into these watches all the information that is accessed from mobile phones, such as photos, drawings, labels or collaborators.

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Finally, he has commented that from next week it will be possible to use the Google Assistant to use the Adidas Running app, Focused on personal training and sports.

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