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Solar panels install like stickers and conform to any surface

The solar panels are becoming a more versatile option, as it now has innovative and moldable solutions that can be adapted to different surfaces, such as new solar stickers.

These elements were developed by Heliatek. It is a type of panels that has a thickness of only 2 mm and is installed in 2 minutes. One model is in the province of Albacete, reported the Omicrono page.

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In this way, the German company promotes the use of its technology in modern buildings with complicated geometric shapes. The only requirement is to stick it in a high position that receives a lot of sunlight.

This device is totally eco-friendly. The organic photovoltaic sheet is deposited by vapor and protected with a top layer of encapsulation, which protects the materials from external agents, to be removed after installation.

Solar panels fit the surface of a roof. . (Photo:

The Heliateck company points out that its technology makes the product significantly greener than other panels based on silicon or lignite, with a value of up to 1,000 CO2e per kilowatt hour.

As for the rest of the measurements, the sheets are only 2 mm thick and the junction box occupies less than 2 cm. However, the cost of this product is not yet known.

Source: Elcomercio

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