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Tesla develops its first wireless charger for cell phones and wearables

Tesla has developed a wireless charger with space to charge three devices. Although it is already offered for sale through its website, it will be available from February 2023.

This is a rather novel bet, especially considering that many times the nightstand is not enough to charge all our devices, such as phones, watches and hearing aids.

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The car company charger is a long, carpeted platform, which allows us to charge all our equipment without having to put them on different levels.

Wireless Charging Platform. (Tesla/)

Also, thanks to the iQ Technology, the position in which we put our devices will not be a problem, since the wireless charging will always be in operation and will deliver up to 15 W de power per connected device.

The cargo mat can be placed in two positions (completely straight and inclined), it is finished in Alcantara and finished in aluminum, in a design that -according to the firm- is inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla’s pick-up. To put it into operation, it includes a 65 W power charger, with a USB-C power adapter.

The Wireless Charging Platform is already offered on the Tesla website at 300 dollars.

Source: Elcomercio

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