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Now Google Voice will identify and record calls suspected of being spam

Google has announced that its Google Voice work calling service will have the ability to identify calls suspected of being spam and alert device users android.

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At the moment, Google Voice is capable of automatically filtering these types of calls, but some of them manage to sneak into the system, especially in accounts that regularly receive calls from many unknown numbers.

From now on, Google will implement a new tag, ‘Number suspected of being spam’ in all calls in which the system sees indications of being malicious. To make this determination, you will use “the same advanced artificial intelligence that identifies thousands of unwanted calls every month across the Google calling ecosystem”as the company has pointed out in a statement.

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As with calls on the Android device itself, these labels will appear on the screen during incoming calls and will also be reflected in the device’s call history. In addition, with this feature users will be able to confirm that a call is suspected of spam.

If it indicates that it is, future calls from that number will be saved directly to voicemail and will be recorded in the spam folder of the call history. Conversely, if users mark a certain number as ‘No spam’, it will not appear again with that label.

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The company has indicated that it will gradually deploy this functionality starting this Thursday, December 29, so users of this service will see it among their options from the next 15 days.

Source: Elcomercio

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