Technology$ 15 billion to remain Apple's favorite search engine

$ 15 billion to remain Apple’s favorite search engine


The financial analysis firm Bernstein has estimated at nearly $ 15 billion (12.7 billion euros) the amount paid by Google to Apple to remain the search engine by default on all its devices. This is an annual amount rising sharply, he explained in a note to his customers quoted by the specialist of the apple brand Philip Elmer-DeWitt, on Wednesday on his website.

In 2020, Google had spent $ 10 billion, or 8.5 billion euros. This payment ensures the giant is the search tool appearing first on devices running the iOS operating system. Experts have indicated that they expect a further increase in 2022. The sum received by Apple could then reach 18 to 20 billion dollars, that is to say between 15 and 17 billion euros.

Counter Microsoft and Bing

One of the main reasons for such spending on Google’s part is to ensure that Microsoft does not succeed in seducing Apple with its Bing search engine, analyzed Toni Sacconaghi, expert at Bernstein. The effort of the giant of Menlo Park (United States) also shows how important it is for him to see his flagship tool present in the foreground on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

Berstein spoke of “a regulatory risk” for Google, which he described as “real” but whose possible repercussions should only appear “in years”. Even in the event of a court verdict unfavorable to the Californian company, the possible fine would only lose 4 or 5% of its gross operating surplus.


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