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Gboard: these are the new features and tools that Google would include in the next update

Google is testing a new update to its keyboard, Gboard, which gives the shortcut bar more presence and includes new features and tools that make it easier to use, with larger icons.

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Gboard is an application of virtual keyboard developed by Google for Android devices which offers, among other features, the possibility of configuring it in several languages ​​or introducing spelling suggestions while writing.

For the past few months, the tech giant has been working on the redesign of your keyboard, in which you have already been implementing some changes through different updates, such as the new format of its keys and other buttons such as the tabulator.

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Now, the technology company has introduced a series of changes to the shortcut toolbar, as 9to5Google has recently verified in the last beta version 12.6. The main novelty is that this update raises the row of shortcuts and tools and places it at the top of the interface.

This time the buttons also look different, since each shortcut is framed in a rectangle with rounded corners. Another novelty is the new shortcuts icon located in the upper left corner, which shows a grid layout, with which more shortcuts are also displayed, such as ‘One-handed keyboard’, GIF, ‘Sticker’ or ‘Emoji’.

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This button has replaced the arrow button that was used to hide or raise the toolbar. Google has also added a ‘Switch language’ icon to shortcuts, an option previously accessed by pressing the ‘Settings’ button on the keyboard and then ‘Languages’.

This portal has also clarified that this grid is customizable. To adjust it to their needs, the user must hold down a shortcut and drag this menu on the interface to where they want to locate it within the shortcut bar.

The app too has included a layout setting for tablets, which replaces the button intended to hide the virtual keyboard, which is now a ‘?123’ icon. This button, by the way, is duplicated in both lower corners.

Source: Elcomercio

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