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Kings League: this is OLIVER, the gadget with AI and GPS that monitors the players of the Piqué and Ibai tournament

The Ibai Llanos and Piqué soccer tournament, the acclaimed King’s Leaguehas given a lot to talk about for its records in viewers and celebrities streamers and footballers who are between their lines. But these players have an ace up their sleeves for monitoring their performance: a little device called OLIVER.

As is known, the King’s League is a soccer tournament organized by Piqué and the Twitch streamer, Ibai Llanos, which brings together teams made up of ex-soccer players like Kun Agüero and famous streamers or youtubers like DjMaRiiO.

The King’s League has already started and spectators have noticed a small device on the players’ legs, located inside their socks. What does this particular gadget do?

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OLIVER, the smart gadget protagonist of the Kings League

OLIVER, whose manufacturer bears the same name, is a GPS device capable of collecting performance metrics, speed, ball possession, distance traveled and more. Its goal, according to its creators, is to democratize technology in soccer for players and coaches around the world.

In addition, OLIVER uses artificial intelligence and Big Data to read the player’s efficiency and reduce the risk of injury by up to 45%. The device can be connected to a mobile application, which can be used by each user and by coaches reviewing the performance of their entire team.

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OLIVER has already been a great help in the current Kings League, so the statistics of the participants are regularly shared on social networks, such as their maximum speeds or their hitting power.

According to OLIVER, all the Kings League teams have a suitcase of these gadgets, with an OLIVER assigned to each specific player.

Here you can see the power of OLIVER.

Source: Elcomercio

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