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Electric flying taxis will be put to the test at the Winter Olympics

The future of transportation is up in the air. The electric flying taxis They are the announcement of the next way to travel and will be put to the test in the Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in Italy, in 2026.

These vehicles, which are cars and aircraft at the same time, will be operating in the city of Milan. The public will be able to experience this new form of transport that will serve to unite cities through the so-called vertiports.

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How will it work? According to the Hybrid and Electric page, the network of stations will be made up of six regional vertiports and another nine in urban environments. These will be distributed in Milan, Linate and Malpensa, Porta Romana and at CutyLife.

The companies that will manage this way of traveling and the vertiports will be Skyports, 2i Aeroporti and the SEA itself (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali).

There are still three years to go before they can be released and it is not known which brands that develop these eVTOL vehicles will be in charge of carrying out the transport service. According to the media, the service will have an approximate price of 120 euros per person (that is, about 500 soles). By 2030 they could become massive.

Source: Elcomercio

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