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Turn your old cell phone into an ebook reader by following these steps

Our electronic devices are constantly changing as we use them. An example of this is our cell phone, which we are replacing with the teams that come out every year. Therefore, is there a way to recycle devices that we do not use? The answer is yes, and today we are sharing an example of how you could give an old cell phone a second life.

Reading is the key when looking for a second purpose for the mobile. Being a practical piece of equipment that you can take everywhere, it can serve as an ebook or electronic book reader. To achieve this, we share the following configurations that must be made to the mobile to give it a second use.

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Keep the screen on while there is no activity on the mobile

To keep the screen on for long periods without the need for device activity, you must perform the following steps:

♦ Go to the “Settings” section

♦ From the menu choose the option “Screen”

♦ Choose the “Timeout” or “Suspend after”, for Android. For iPhone the option is “Screen and brightness” and then “Auto lock” and choose the desired option.

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lower the brightness

It is recommended to lower the brightness of the device to the maximum, to avoid further damage to the view. In any case, it is also advisable to take a break from reading if you have been on the phone for a long time.

Another favorable option is to activate the ‘ambient mode’ of the screen lighting, to adapt the brightness of the device according to the space in which we find ourselves.

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Activate Reading Mode

In the case of having an Android cell phone, the user can download the Reading Mode, the Google application that will help make it easier to read from the mobile.

With the app, any website will be displayed as if the phone were an e-book reader.

Source: Elcomercio

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