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Why do they want to remove the electric scooter from the streets of Paris?

The electric scooter It is one of the alternatives in alternative and ecological transport, however in the streets of Paris They are generating many problems to the point that their possible disappearance from the French city is being debated.

Mayor Ana María Hidalgo has proposed a municipal referendum to decide what to do with these micromobility devices. The elections will be held on April 2 and Parisians will have to decide YES or NO to electric rental scooters.

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And it has been calculated that there are at least 15,000 rental scooters. As reported by the Hybrid and Electric page, this large number has been reflected in 247 accidents registered in 2022, with one deceased. A figure that increased to 337 accidents during 2022.

This debate is taking place around the renewal of permits for the companies Lime, Dott and Tier, which have 1.2 million registered users.

In addition to this process, the management of Mayor Anne Hidalgo has been working on drafting a “street code” that indicates how users of these vehicles should behave.

But these vehicles have also received criticism for their designs, based on the scooters of the early 20th century. And in the 1990s, Swiss inventor Wim Ouboter’s early designs followed the same pattern and were being sold as toys, not ready for long journeys.

Source: Elcomercio

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